Nationwide Coverage

We do this from our Birmingham Base but offering a full Nationwide coverage. We provide a comprehensive & extendable warranty on all our work using the highest of quality OEM parts & repaired by a Mac Certified Engineers. From the Antenna to Wifi Connection & EVERYTHING between we can help Data loss is also a massive concern in todays digital world, & unfortunately there are a lot of Data recovery providers who just want to take your money & don’t care about YOU.

Meet The Team


Frances is the RAM of iMendMacs, she takes all the data & processes it & keeps us running. If you haven’t heard from Frances we are doing a good job.


Mo is the SSD of iMendMacs, he drives us forward at lightening speed & pushes our limits. If you’ve heard about us, its a good chance you heard through Mo.

Operations Manager

Joe is the Keyboard iMendMacs, everything goes through him. If you’ve heard from us, it’s a good chance you spoke to Joe.

Senior Engineer

Callum is the i9 Processor of iMendMacs. Without him nothing would work. If you’ve had something repaired, Callum did it.