What is an Air Tag?

Apple is configuring a brand-new device for Apple lovers that can help in everyday situations. The Air Tag is a disc-like device that is designed to be attached to your personal belongings e.g. your keys, wallet and car. This will be found in the ‘Find My’ app in App Store. There isn’t an official name yet, but Apple are planning to call the tracking device an ‘’Air Tag.’’ There are similar products on the market such as Adero, however’ Apple’s version is incorporated with Apple Devices. There isn’t any fixed release date yet, although, this guide will go through all we know about the Air Tag in this moment in time.


How Will They Work?

The new Apple device will have a built-in chip that will enable it to relate to iPhones, iPad and Macs to track the location of your Air Tag, similarly to how you would find your Apple Device now. This product will allow to your easily locate your valuable, something that we think will come in very useful!


How will Tracing Items with AirTags Function?

Apple will introduce a new ‘Items’ tab in the Find My app together with your Apple devices, family & friends that you have being tracking. This will make the app very versatile in what you can locate from either the Air Tag or your Apple Device. Like if you lost your iPhone or iPad, the Air Tag will be located on the app with the exact address where you can find it.


What Happens if you Lose the Device?

In the instance that you may lose the item that has an air tag, you will receive a notification on your iPhone shortly after. You’ll be then able to press a button and a loud chiming noise will sound. This will enable you to find the AirTag in a nearby location. It seems that Apple have introduced augmented reality to this device. The Find My app may contain an ARKit feature, which gives you the chance to use AR to track down your missing object. Balloon imagery will be used as to let you know visually where the item may be.


Accuracy of the AirTag

Built in ultra-wideband technology, means that the AirTag is much more accurate than the normal Bluetooth Tracker. This type of technology offers a more precise indoor positioning. Apple most recent iPhones have a U1 ultra-wideband chip, this leads to the ultra-wideband prepared AirTag to be tracked simply and more correctly than a Bluetooth device alone.


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