Now that Apple’s Spring Event has occurred and we have had a chance to look through the new announcements Apple made, we will break down the event so consumers can understand all the main products and updates that were announced on March 8th. Before we go into the products and updates that were announced however, we would quickly like to mention some of the expected/talked about products that did not feature. These products are.

  • MacBook Pro 2022
  • iMac 2022
  • AirPods Pro 2022
  • Apple Games Console
  • HomePod With Screen

Some people may have also expected some news on the iPhone 14, whilst we all know it will be released in 2022, this will most likely not happen until around September time, where there will probably be another event as this was the case in 2021. Now let us move on to what was mentioned in Apple’s Spring Event.


iPhone SE 3

Although we did not see the iPhone 14 at the Spring Event, we did get the announcement of a third-generation SE as we were expecting. The new iPhone SE will be priced at around £419 and became available for pre-order on the 11th of March as it will be able to purchase on the 18th.

Though this is technically the case, Apple are calling this model iPhone SE and not SE 3, as that would make too much sense! The design of the phone is the same as the previous model, however it has gotten many hardware upgrades, these include an A15 Bionic chip which is the same as the iPhone 13. The new SE supports 5G and now has 12Mp front facing camera with support for Smart HDR 4 and Deep Fusion. The SE will of course come with IOS 15 and will continue to receive updates for the foreseeable future.


iPhone 13 Updated Colours

Apple introduced a brand-new colour to their iPhone 13 range. For those who are interested in the colour of green this is great news as Apple are releasing a brand-new green model. Also, the key audience for this will have to be interested in the colour of green since the phone is priced at around £779!


iPad Air 2022

One of the key announcements made at Apple’s Spring Event was the 2022 iPad Air. This is exiting news for iPad enthusiasts as the new iPad Air now comes with the M1 chip with its 8-core CPU that’s 60% faster than the A14 that was in previous iPad Air products. Apple claim that this new iPad Air is 2x faster than the best-selling Windows laptop within the same price category. The brand-new display offers True Tone technology as well as 500 nit brightness. The front camera is now a 12Mp Ultrawide lens complete with support for Center Stage, Apple’s technology enables easier zoom features to always keep you in frame.

The newest iPad Air will come in five colours, these are space grey, starlight, pink, purple, and a new blue. The starting price for the product is £569 and it has the same pre-order and release dates as the iPhone SE.


M1 Ultra

Apple have created a brand-new silicon M1 Ultra chip. The M2 chip may have featured according to certain rumours, yet Apple released the M1 Ultra instead. To create the Ultra, Apple have joined the two M1 Max chips together thanks to a connection feature that was not known until now. Essentially Apple have created a super-chip! It has 2.5TBs interprocessor bandwidth and 800GBs memory bandwidth, a 64-core GPU and up to 128GB of unified memory.


Mac Studio

It may please you to know that the M1 Ultra is available in the all-new Mac Studio. The Mac Studio is essentially a Mac mini that has been on the protein powder for a few years! Apple claims that the new Mac Studio is 80% faster than the Mac Pro and can handle up to 18 streams of 8K pro resolution video, something that no other product has achieved!

The Mac Studio has four Thunderbolt 4 ports along with a 10Gb ethernet port, 2 USB-A ports as well as a HDMI and a pro audio jack. This allows you to connect around 4 Pro XDR displays as well as a 4K TV.  The front of the Mac Studio is also kitted out, with 2 USB-C ports and an SD card reader as well. When talking about design, the Mac Studio the 7.7 in and 3.7in screen is designed to sit under the display and comes with a double-sided blower cooling system that sucks air into the base and out of the back, this makes it almost silent! The Mac Studio starts at £1,999 for an M1 Max model or £3,999 for the M1 Ultra so it certainly is one of Apple’s premium products.


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