We have sure been waiting a while for the 2020 iPhone to be announced, however, it was definitely worth the wait! The “Hi, Speed’’ event was an interesting, with the product announcement including new products most notably the new iPhone 12 models.

Probably the most intriguing feature of the new iPhone is it is the first iPhone to have 5G. However, let’s not forget about the improved camera, display and chip on the new model. The enabled 5G connection allows users to reach a quicker network, while also being able to cope with the graphics and processing power. They also unveiled the HomePod mini, which is a smaller, more affordable version of the current HomePod Speaker. Here are some of the biggest announcements that happened at yesterday’s event.


The Tech Giants Released the iPhone 12, which has a new design and can connect to 5G.

The new iPhone 12 has been released. After much anticipation, the new model consists of the flat edges that we have previously seen on the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5. The regular 6.1-inch iPhone contains two rear cameras, which will both support night mode. All of the iPhone 12 models that they have just unveiled with support 5G connectivity, which we will most definitely see in future models of the phone. As we predicted in our previous blogs, the iPhone’s all have a new Ceramic Shield glass protection that is supposedly created to make the iPhone more durable in the long term.  Want to get your hands on the new iPhone 12? You’ll be able to pre-order it on October 16th in advance to its full release on October 23rd.


iPhone 12 Mini is the Smallest & Lightest 5G Phone in the world.


This is most definitely the most intriguing iPhone out of the four that has been announced. It is the smallest and lightest 5G phone in the world. This is the first time that Apple have introduced a mini version of its iPhone. Although, this has been used in the range of iPad, iPod and Mac have all had mini versions of the device. The iPhone Mini has an edge to edge 5.4-inch screen, as Apple have squeezed the 4.7 inch that we have seen on the iPhone SE on the iPhone 12 mini. This device will be able to pre-order on the 6th November and is set to be released on November 13th.


iPhone 12 Pro Max is The Biggest iPhone Yet!

The new iPhone Pro Max has been announced and it is the biggest iPhone that has ever been released with a screen size of 6.7 inches. There are some cool features on the iPhone 12 Pro Max including three back cameras that deliver a 5x optical zoom range between the three lenses. It has a LIDAR sensor for enhanced augmented reality apps and quicker autofocus. The iPhone 12 Pro Max will be available for pre-order November 6th and will launch on November 13th. Apple have also introduced a standard iPhone 12 Pro, which has a 6.1-inch screen and will be out at the same time as the iPhone 12.


A Smaller Version of the HomePod

Apple have released the HomePod Mini which is a smaller model of the original HomePod and has a brand-new rounded shape. The Mini has the same controls as the original model with touch control on the top of the device and Siri integration as well. The device is powered by the S5 Chip which was fire implemented in the Apple Watch Series 5. The HomePod isn’t just a smart speaker, it can control other things around the house. It acts as a central hub for all Home Kit devices. This enables people to control lights, heating and doors when not at home. Pre-orders for the new HomePod start on the November 6th and shipping commences on November 16th.

Removal of the Wired Head Phones and Charger from the iPhone Box!

Similar to the Apple Watch, they have decided to remove the charger and the wired ear phones from the new range of iPhones. The one thing that will be included though will be the USC-C to Lightning. The reason is unknown as why they have decided to eliminate both items from the box, however, one thing is for sure, we can expect the packaging to be significantly smaller than we’re used to.


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