There has been much excitement on what new products Apple will be bringing to the market. With much anticipation about the new iPhone 12 being revealed, unfortunately this is being push back until later this year. However, there is some optimism with the upcoming Apple event with rumours that there will be a new Apple Watch and iPad Air to look forward to!

Apple Watch Series 6 

The Series 6 Apple Watch could be announced as early as next week at the September 15th Event held at Apple Park. Although, it’s not crystal clear exactly what the new version of the Apple Watch is going to feature, we have found some clues from the recent WatchOS7 update.


Possible Features


Longer Battery Life 

This is a regularly requested feature that Apple get, as the battery life runs out quickly compared to their other products. There is evidence to back this up with the battery recently passing through regulation with a larger capacity.

Child Friendly Features

Many parents are often wary about giving their children new technology because it’s so easy for young people to get on websites they shouldn’t be on. This new apple watch could enable parents to feel safe giving their child an apple watch which can be monitored by their device. There is a feature called ‘SchoolTime’ where parents can set what apps their child can use throughout the day to reduce distractions in school time.

Tracking Mental Health

Mental Health is everyone’s lips at the moment with people being affected massively by mental health during lockdown. The new Apple Watch series 6 will reported come with some mental health features which will monitor the individual’s state of mind. This includes the capability to detect when the wearer is going to have a panic attack. This shows that Apple do move with the time and look at the problems facing individuals and how technology can help.


iPad Air 4 

There are several reports that we’re going to see a new iPad this September and because we have already seen a new iPad Pro this year, it’s likely to be a new iPad Air. There are many rumours flying around about the iPad release including a larger screen, removal of the home button and a Mini LED.

Possible Features


Touch ID

The new iPad Air 4 is reported to implement the iPad Pro design, removing the home button. However, it’s reported that Touch ID is sticking around for the time being. Ahead of another product that Apple have created, the new iPad Air will get a power button which is integrated with Touch ID. Touch ID will be implemented in place of the Face ID, which won’t be on the new device.


There are whispers that the new iPad will feature USB-C instead of the Lightning port, this is the same as the iPad Pro. Showing that the iPad Air will have a lot of the features that the iPad Pro 2020 got early this year. Alongside the USB-C, the upcoming iPad Air may have a smart connector on the back of the device, allowing smart keywords and other accessories to be plugged in.


Keeping Up to Date on the Apple’s 15th September Event

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