Apple estimates an average lifespan of around 3 years for their iPhone products, yet most people will tend to see a decline within around 2. It is important to know the difference between fixable issues and having to replace the iPhone entirely. If you believe that some of the issues with your phone can be fixed, such as a cracked screen, then why not bring it in for repair here at iMendMacs. Visit our iPhone repairs page and book an appointment with us!  

Some people, however, tend to hold onto their phones just a little bit too long and because of this, they will start to experience some tell-tale signs of a deteriorating iPhone! Read on below to find out how to know when to replace your iPhone. 

It Can No Longer Support IOS 

Apple’s key policy on their iPhones is that post-production, they will continue to support a particular model for up to 5 years. This means iPhones like the 4, 5 and even 6 models are no longer supported. Now, this does not mean that the phones will no longer work, it just means that these phones cannot support the upcoming IOS 15 update. If your iPhone is behind the times, it will eventually start to crash your apps and the phone overall will perform a lot slower. So as some people still own the iPhone 5 and 6, we would advise that you upgrade to something no less than the X, as you will get the most time for your money with these models. 

Logo of Apple IOS

Repair Costs More Than Replacement

You may have dealt with the odd chip or crack in your phone for a while as most of the time it will go unnoticed and if you were to fix it, it would not cost a lot of money. However, when some people completely break their screens to the point where you physically cannot use the phone anymore, that’s when it becomes a big issue. Major phone damage will cost a significant amount to make it as good as new so if you are someone in this situation then the better option is most likely to buy a replacement phone. 

Lack of Storage 

iPhones have gone from 16GB to 32GB and then sooner or later the storage increased to highs of 512GB! Many iPhone users are still using phones within the 16-32GB bracket and as time has moved on, people need more storage on their phones. There are millions more applications, software updates and photos that are taking place on modern-day iPhones and so this type of storage does not cut it for some. You may want to get a replacement phone with better storage if this applies to you.

image of iPhone storage

Pocket Fluff  

We regularly see iPhones that won’t charge. Often this is because little bits of fluff from your pocket get in the charger port, and over time it gets clogged and this stops it charging. Use a tooth pick or a pair of tweezers to clean it out, check out a video we recommend on it here. 

Trouble Finding Accessories

There are multiple different choices of accessories when it comes to the iPhone, ranging from earphones to chargers and phone cases. However, if you start to notice that the phone you are using has a shorter amount of accessibility of accessories, then it may be time for an upgrade. Seeing something like a collaboration with Marvel for phone cases, for example, you may notice that this new brand does not have your phone case size.  

Another example could be with the earphones, Apple got rid of their earphone jack with the iPhone 7 upwards and this was due to the release of AirPods, as well as Apple wanting to move on.  These examples may be an early indication that your phone is outdated and that you should start thinking about a replacement.

Slow or Short Lasting Battery Life

You may or may not know about ‘battery gate’. This is when Apple deliberately slowed down iPhones whose batteries were in poor health. Lithium-Ion batteries have a finite number of times they can be recharged before they start to lose capacity, this is roughly around the 12–18-month mark. People started suggesting that Apple was deliberately slowing their phones down around the time they released a new model! For what it’s worth, we think that Apple were genuinely trying to be helpful, assuming people would want to prioritise battery longevity over performance, their mistake was not telling people what they were doing. Now, Apple show you your battery health and give you the option of prioritising performance or battery life. 

If you’d like the best of both worlds, we can supply and fit a new battery. We also sell our iMendMacs Wireless Charging Pad to help you recharge on the go.

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