During Apple’s WWDC event back in June the CEO Tim Cook announced that Apple will be moving to a different processor. Previous to Intel, products were running on Power PC and they then they moved to Intel in 2006. He stated that the technology giants will create their own processor called Apple Silicon. You heard that right… not an ARM chip as Apple doesn’t use the ARM chip designs the same way as other companies do. They use the ARM instructions with their own custom designs. Apple is transitioning the upcoming mac line-up to the new processors. The new Apple Silicon Macs will have an Apple chips which have been seen in the iPhone & iPad. We now understand that there will be at least one Apple Silicon Mac in tomorrows event.

Alongside the processing cores the Apple Silicon processor contains other technologies such as a graphics processor, neural processor and memory in one set. Apple’s transfer to a new advanced processor will mean that aspects that we have seen in iPad & iPhone will come to the Mac. This includes features such as Face ID.

What is the Reasoning for the Transition to Apple Silicon?

The main reason is simply to make better products, Tim Cook explained that when the company makes bold changes, it’s so that they can make better products.  This new performance enhancing processor will make the Mac stronger and more efficient than ever before. It will most likely benefit Apple in the long run as they can be more flexible in the way their machines function.

How Long will the Change to Apple Silicon Take?

It has already been stated by the company that the transition from an Intel processor to the Apple Silicon will take 2 years. However, Cook stated at the June event that there is a new Intel processor Mac planned for the near future. Apple will continue to support and announce brand-new versions of MacOS for Macs that run on Intel processor for years to come. The company’s development of the Apple Silicon is the biggest upgrade ever for the Mac.

What are the Advantages of the Apple Silicon Processor?

  • The new Mac will work similar to your iPad, it can always be on and functioning when you need it to be. There are rumours that the Mac will have an eSIM so you can implement a cellular plan to always remain connected.
  • 5G is coming to the new iPhones and surely going to be available on the next iPad. There is only a matter of time before they can implement 5G on Macs. It would need a 5G modem from Qualcomm which has been added to the iPhone 12.
  • The company claim that the Apple Silicon has an industry leading performance per watt, which is promising for the graphic designers out there as it will most probably contain a higher performance graphic processor than Intel’s basic package.
  • It will also benefit iOS developers as they can now optimise their development across the Apple platforms: iOS, macOS & iPadOS. They can now optimise software for the whole Apple eco-system.


Apple silicon processor will enable deeper unification between software and hardware and cross-platform apps which will be effective on Macs, iPhones & iPads are coming along with the new chip technology. We also understand that none of the new Apple Silicon Macs will have a new design, with the company content with the existing designs.

We expect all new Macs that are customer focused (non-Pro) to have the Apple Silicon processor on there by the Autumn of 2021.

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