There are rumours flying around about that the new iMac is going to be launched at Apple’s WWDC Event which starts on Monday. The processor the upcoming iMac has already been released. The word on the street is that the new iMac will get a revamp in design and a larger screen. The updates will be exciting for many iMac enthusiasts who are frustrated about the lack updates when comparing the iMac to the MacBook Pro.

Consequently, there is no surprise that these people are desperate for an update. For instance, people that don’t want to spend nearly £2,400 to purchase a Mac with a separate graphics card (as that is the price of the 16in MacBook Pro – the only other type of Mac which offer the same option.) Many people are anticipating the exclusion of the slack hard drive option that the iMac offers. Another element Apple fans are crying out for is a complete re-design and a larger screen. The visual design is expected to be transformed and an over-haul is well overdue to the iMac that’s for sure! A report in China has said that they expect the iMac to be released in the back end of 2020, which may force the launch to be set back until July.

Updates That We’re Likely to See

  • Face ID/FaceTime Camera – During the lockdown period iMac users have been crying out for an improved FaceTime camera as they have been Facetiming their friends and family more often. Many users would also like a Face ID recognition as a simple way to unlock and enter passwords. Apple have implemented the True Depth camera technology that has been introduced onto the iPhone.
  • Storage – As explained above, the removal as the hard drive on the iMac would help immensely, that takes up most of the space. Apple may move to flash storage, which would be a huge improvement on what they have the moment.
  • Processors – There are some rumours that Apple could be making their own homemade processers in Macs in 2020. However, they have been left frustrated by Intel’s delays and started creating their own chip. It was a shock that we didn’t see the T2 chip in 2019 iMac. We anticipate that we will see it this time around.
  • Graphics – We’re anticipating slight updates to the graphics cards used in the iMac. There are claims that the new iMac will follow the 16inch MacBook Pro and use the AMD 5000 series.
  • RAM – An improvement we would like to see if an easier mode of updating RAM on the 21.5 model. Updating RAM on the 27-inch model is straightforward because of the hatch on the back of the display. This is what the 21.5-inch model lacks…


The Release Date

We have been seeing various ‘theories’ about when the iMac may be launched. Some have said they expect it to be launched at the WWDC 2020 next Monday to correspond with the WWDC keynote.

Keeping Up to Date on the Apple’s Worldwide Developers Event

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