Apple released two Mac mini models in November 2020, both models have their own M1 chip. The price of the Mac mini is around £699, and it offers the same graphics and processor as the more expensive MacBook and iMac options on the market. However, you may want to hold off before splashing out on the current Mac mini models. This is because there are strong predictions that Apple will be launching a brand-new Mac mini model at their upcoming Spring event.

This 2022 model of the Mac mini is set to be the most powerful yet, with it set to replace the current intel-powered Mac-mini models that are currently available to buy from Apple. Read on below for all the information you need to know about Apple’s upcoming Mac mini.

Planned Release Date

We have mentioned above that the newest Mac mini is set to replace the current intel-powered model. As of around October 2021, Apple have dropped intel-based Macs in attempt to create the next era of products. They will continue to make their switch to complete silicon in the next few years and so are slowly phasing out all intel-based Apple products.

The newest Mac mini is strongly rumoured to be launched at Apple’s upcoming Spring event as there was expectation from consumers that it would’ve been showcased at the previous October event alongside the newest MacBook Pro, although there was no sign of the Mac mini at this event. Therefore, experts and respected journalists believe that the Mac mini with M1 Pro and Max will most likely be revealed at the next event which is likely to be around early March.

Price of the Mac Mini

Now the price of the product is what all Apple users first look for as it is the most important aspect from a consumer’s point of view. The model it is set to replace is currently priced at £1,099 as a starting price, so it certainly will not be cheap! However, Apple did cause a price hike when they updated their MacBook Pro models so maybe we could see the same again with the Mac mini.

Updated Design

Apple decided to not change the design of the Mac mini for several years, this was due to the number of organisations that were using the products in set-ups that were based around this existing form, they did not want to disrupt their user’s experience.

The newest Mac mini products could see a change however, as known Apple leaker Jon Prosser has revealed the details of the newest Mac mini, and it seems significantly thinner than the current models. The design is also set to feature a ‘Plexiglas’ like top. The leaked renders of the product also seem to indicate that the Mac mini will be available in white and silver, this is a change in tone from the bright colours that are available on the newest 24in iMac.


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