Apple’s latest Unleashed event announced the latest MacBook Air and Apple enthusiasts are just waiting to get their hands on this 2022 product. With the MacBook being one of the most popular Apple products, it is important for them to get it right. If the product is poorly received, then this will have a bad reflection on Apple, and they will not get the right number of sales as they are expecting. When it comes to the MacBook Air, Apple has a great track record with both the 1.1GHz MacBook Air and M1 MacBook Air impressing consumers massively in 2020. Read on to find out more about the latest MacBook Air.


The design of the upcoming Apple MacBook Air is not too dissimilar from its predecessor, of course if you have a traditional model that works the there is no need to change it. A big selling point with any product is colour, everyone has a preference and because of this it is always a great idea to provide a large variety of options for people to choose from. The MacBook Air will also have a flatter design and be just wider than the thickness of a USB, this allows for it to be lighter and easier to carry around on the go. Apple originally planned to go with the 15-inch model for the MacBook Air but opted against this as it would not be the best fit for that product.


Apple have often been slated for the prices of their products, some of this criticism could be seen as justified however with some phones and Macs being well over the £1500 price tag. Not to mention charging £80 for a mouse! However, Apple have seemed to acknowledge this with their latest MacBook Air and attempted to make it an ‘affordable product’. The current price of the latest MacBook Air is around £999 for the standard version, we expect the latest model to be a bit cheaper with a price around £899. This price is still not the cheapest, but it is pretty good for an Apple MacBook product.

Release Date

We are still a little in the dark around a specific release date for the newest MacBook Air, though it is quite unlikely that we will not see the release this year it is not impossible. The main target for Apple was to always aim for an early 2022 release. Yet this is not completely concrete as some experts like respected analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has doubts about this release as he predicts it to be around the third quarter of 2022 instead. It does seem that the consensus is the newest MacBook will release sometime in 2022, so if you cannot wait that long there are many other Apple products that may tank your fancy already on the market!


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