Apple has big intentions for the MacBook Pro in 2021 as a 14in MacBook Pro has been rumoured for quite some time now. It was even expected to be released in late 2020 as said by TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. He later explained that it would be further delayed until 2021, due to Apple’s limited supplies during the global pandemic!

A later report in May 2021 got consumers excited when it was indicated by many reports that the new 14 and 16in MacBook Pro’s were set to be released this summer. Yet this again is not as realistic because, during Apple’s WWC in June, nothing was mentioned about these two products. Speaking of, if you are an Apple enthusiast looking to find out what went down during this conference, check out our latest blog about it.

Seen below is some more in-depth news about what Apple is planning with the MacBook Pro in 2021.

A Redesigned MacBook Pro

It has been confirmed again by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo that we can expect an extensive redesign for the 13in MacBook Pro. Including a design similar to the iPhone 12 with it being flat-edged, contains no touch bar, and the returning MagSafe charging as well as much more. The 14in the model will also include a heat pipe system, similar to that of the 16in by increasing the thermal headroom which will enable greater performance. It was also leaked by the credible Jon Presser on Twitter, that the new models of the Mac are coming in a range of colours, with Apple launching their new colourful range.

image of MacBook Pro

New Target Release Date

After mentioning all the delays due to the global pandemic, likely, the new MacBook Pro’s will not be seen until around October-November time. It has been indicated by multiple credible sources that the new MacBook Pro will not appear until the Autumn which includes both the 14in and 16in sizes. This is because when Apple is releasing their new products they tend to undergo a method of mass production, of course with limited sources this cannot be done, hence the delay.

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Image of a MacBook Pro.

Additional Features

The main reason for purchasing a new Mac is down to the new features and improvements it has made on the previous model. Changes to the 16in MacBook Pro could be implemented into the new 13in models. These changes are to the internal thermal management and mean that the overall heat dispersal is improved, which then increases the battery life of the MacBook. Sourced from a Bloomberg report in May 2021, it is said that the new Macs will have processors that are ‘built-in house’ and will massively outpace the current performance of the current M1 chips that are used in current Macs.

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