iOS 13 Released Date

Apple will release iOS 13 tomorrow (19th September) to the public.

Initially teased at WWDC in June. iOS has been running as a developer Beta since then. Our engineers have been running it & have collated a few things for you to look out for once your phone updates.

The Small Print

iOS 13 will release at around 6pm UK Time & will be available OTA (Over The Air) as a download in your iPhone / iPad Software update menu.

Remember this is a new piece of software that will have been rigorously tested by developers however some bugs will only be discovered once it gets released to the masses. If you find a Bug the best way to get it fixed is by reporting it to Apple. Yes social media might get a lot of traction & but Apple are the only ones who can fix it. Report your issues here.

Also some app developers will have updated their App ready in advance for iOS 13 & you might of seen this already in the App Store, however not all App Developers were created equal so some of your favourite apps might be buggy & not optimised for iOS 13 straight away. If you have any App specific issues contact your App developers via the App Store or on Social Media.

We would always recommend you back up your device before completing an update, however since iOS 12 the iPhone does have Automatic Software updates. So might be worth a check in advance that you back up your iPhone to the iCloud automatically.

Go to Settings / Press on your Name at the top / iCloud / iCloud Backup / Make sure this is on & when it last completed a backup.

To check for Auto software updates. Go Settings / General / Software update / Check this is switched on.

iOS is compatible with the following devices

iPhone SE, 6S/+, 7/+, 8/+ X, XR, XS/Max, 11/Pro/ProMax

iPad Air 2/3, Mini 4/5, iPad 5/6/7, Pr0 9.7″, Pro 10.5″, Pro 11″, Pro 12.9″

How to Check your Back up Status

How to Check your Auto Software Settings

Dark Mode

Engage…Dark Mode

So despite years of Jailbreaking phones to get this feature, Apple has finally flipped the switch on Dark Mode.

Its very beautiful implementation of it with a simple setting in both the settings menu & the Control Centre.

All the White menus are replaced with Deep Black menus on OLED screen & & something quite similar on LCD screens.

You can either schedule the dark mode to activate by Sunset & Sunrise or create your own custom schedule.

Popping to a Cinema or dimly lit event & wish to toggle it on, pop into the control centre & the brightness setting & flick the toggle.

It also has a setting to automatically dim your wallpaper, we have found this setting looks really good when using a abstract or system wallpaper however doesn’t work as well with Photos, (this setting has been dropped for official release).

Photo Improvements & Changes

If you use a minor Photo editing App for such as Snapseed for changing exposure or highlights then iOS13 brings that all in house.

From the photo you can edit each individual image far greater than before.

You have the old faithful Auto button which uses machine learning to do all the fancy tricks, however if you want to change even more you can.

You can adjust the exposure, brilliance, highlights, shadows, contrast, brightness, black point, saturation, vibrance, warmth, tint, sharpness, definition, noise reduction & vignette along side the usual Crop & filter options.

You can even Edit VIDEOS!!!

This isn’t going to replace your photoshop subscription but its perfectly suitable for tweaking images prior to posting on social media.


The whole photos app has had a visual update with your camera roll becoming much more immersive & clever. You can zoom in & out of your roll or use the tabs at the bottom to narrow down your selection. When your in days, months or years menus it auto plays videos to remind you of memories & nice moments. Also when you go to the year menu it allows you to scrub through the year to narrow down your month search by holding down using Haptic Touch & sliding.

Photo App Improvements

iOS 13 on iPad is iPadOS

iOS has never seemed 100% right on the iPad & Apple respect this, so they have released iPad OS. All of the iOS features plus a whole lot more especially for iPad Users.

iPadOS 13 doesn’t release until September 30th.

In addition to Dark Mode & other iOS 13 features iPadOS has a new Home screen, which allows you to see more Apps on your screen & have access to your Today View & Widgets right there on the home page.

Multitasking takes another step forward with Split & Slide over. Previously you were restricted to only having one Window of each App open side by side, so if you needed to copy some data from one email to another it didn’t really play nice. Thats over now as iPadOS allows two windows of the same App in split view.

Text editing on iPad receives a major update with iPadOS, making it easier and faster to point with even more precision and speed, select text with just a swipe and use new gestures to cut, copy, paste and undo

iPadOS allows some iPads to help replace laptops in certain situations.

Nice Little Changes

Along side the big changes there are always little nuggets that help make your life a little easier or nicer.

Volume HUD

Gone are the days of you having to have the Volume display take over the screen when you changed it or covered up a video when you switched the ringer off. Apple has implemented a very crisp & simple Volume HUD in the left hand side of the screen which you can grab & move around.


After iOS 12 brought greater functionality with how iOS manages files, iOS 13 brings better downloads from Safari.

Overhauled Reminders App

Reminders has a new look and offers intelligent ways to create and edit reminders, with more ways to organise and keep track of them. The quick toolbar makes it easier to add times, dates, locations and flags, or add attachments. With deeper integration with Messages, it’s easy to tag someone in a reminder so that it surfaces when the user messages with that person.

Improved Performance on older devices.

One of the biggest benefits some of our engineers discovered was the dramatic performance improvement on the older devices & how fast they operate.

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