Potential Software Updates – WWDC

In our previous blog we spoke about Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference and about some of the software updates that is rumoured to be happening at the event. This is an exciting time all Apple lovers and a time here at iMendMacs that we always look forward to! The event is taking place from the 22nd June till the 26th June all happening online. There has been some gossip on the rumour mill about what Apple are going to announce. In this blog we will go into further depth about what we expect in terms of the software updates.


iOS 14

There have some early rumours about iOS 14 which some have been leaked. This provides us with an insight into some of the features that may be included in the upcoming update. Below are some of the updates we believe may be:

  • Apple Pencil – They’re working on allowing users to text handwritten in any text input field using the brand-new Apple Pencil. This handwritten text is then transformed into standard text to send.
  • AR App – They may be looking to create an AR App that will give users the opportunity to see the world around them using the app.
  • Messages – There seems to be strong rumours surfacing about iMessage having a huge update. Messages could get @ messages in group chats, notification about typing in group chats and finally the ability to be able to delete messages.
  • Home Screen – We may get a list view of apps that have been downloaded in one simple spot.


macOS 10.16

In comparison to iOS14 there are fewer rumours that have been leaked about macOS 10.16. However, the ones that have been leaked are like the iOS 14 but transferred onto the Mac software. This includes: a new messaging app on macOS, if Siri does get a third-party voice then that will be more than likely on the Mac. A Siri based translation element in Safari could be on both macOS 10.16 and iOS 14.


watchOS 7

Similarly, to the macOS 10.16 the updates that will be in the iOS14 will more than likely be in the watchOS 7 software update. That’s because the Apple watch will rely on an iPhone for some time to come. Apple seem to be shying away from completely separating the iPhone from the Apple Watch. A key rumour that we touched on our previous blog post was the capability of parent’s iPhone to support numerous children’s Apple Watches. People may think giving their child an Apple Watch is a costly risk, however, it’s cheap than buying them an iPhone. Another feature that may aid parental control of their child’s Apple Watch is ‘Schooltime’ this would control which apps can be used at certain times in the day.


Keeping Up to Date on the Apple’s Worldwide Developers Event

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