On Monday 22nd June, Apple had a worldwide developers conference talking about their brand-new operating systems that will further improve the usability in Apple devices, such as the Apple Mac, Apple Watch, and iPhone.

The tech giants have given us more information about their new operating systems and an in-depth explanation of what’s to come in the near future.

New Apple Silicon SoC in Apple Macs

Apple has officially made the switch and are now implementing their own Apple Silicon chips into their line-up of Apple Macs, bringing along a wide variety of benefits and performance improvements. In addition to the significant boost in performance, it’s expected that energy efficiencies will also see a marked increase. Developers also benefit from this transition as they can update their apps to fully take advantage of the new architecture. It will also be easier for developers to create apps as their products will share a common architecture.

Over the years, Apple has been implementing power-efficient chip designs in their product line-ups such as the iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches. These use Apple’s custom-designed chips. Thanks to their exceptional engineers, Apple’s processor performance has seen improvements after every iteration. Apple’s objective is to deliver the highest performance whilst minimizing power consumption as much as possible.

Neural engines and machine learning accelerators will be built into the Apple silicon, making their new system ideal for deep learning and machine learning tasks. Other useful technologies include a high-quality camera processor, performance controller, high-performance DRAM, cryptography acceleration, and unified memory.

Apple has announced Rosetta 2 to ensure a smooth transition between users and developers helping both consumers. All Apple applications, such as Logic Pro and Final Cut Pro, have adapted the new Apple silicon. Other companies like Microsoft and Adobe have already transitioned large complex applications such as Photoshop and Office over to run on Apple Silicon.

iOS/iPad OS14

Apple previewed the latest iOS version with enhanced features for the operating system, iOS14. It has been set to be released in Autumn and iOS14 is one of the biggest iOS updates to date, containing major changes and adding new features to your iPhone and iPad. Introducing a brand-new home screen design, allowing customers to access applications faster along with improved communication with Siri has been added, along with many other tweaks within the new iOS interface.

The redesigned home screen organises your applications accordingly and supports for widgets which have never been done on an iPhone before. Widgets can be moved from the ‘Today’ view to the right onto the home screen and then pinned in different sizes.  Furthermore, a smart stack feature has been implemented into iOS14 to further improve usability by allowing users to surface the correct widget based on location, time, and activity. Apple has added more features that will help boost your iPhone experience further.

Siri can answer more complex questions than before and they will now be answered with precision and clear-cut replies. Siri in iOS14 can also send audio messages on the iPhone or using Apple CarPlay, it can also share an Apple Maps ETA with a contact. Apple have also increased the number of languages that Siri can understand which is very convenient for usability and translation purposes.

macOS Big Sur

iOS 14 Apple also previewed the next Operating system for the Mac line up, called macOS Big Sur. This will be Apple’s most advanced desktop operating system to date and it provides a new level of beauty and power within the Apple Mac. The new interface allows users to instantly access the controls you use most, along with new controls to access music and enable dark mode.

Video editing capabilities have been further improved by providing additional video adjustments, filters, and cropping support. On the photo editing department, you can now apply vibrance effects to your photos and adjust the intensity of filters. Portrait lighting effects are also now available.

An improved retouch tool has been implemented into the system which now uses advanced machine learning to eliminate blemishes and dust from photos. Locating photos has become much easier and simple, allowing users to zoom in and out to quickly access photos and videos across their media libraries and albums.

WatchOS 7

WatchOS 7 was previewed in June 2020 as the newest Apple Watch OS that will provide consumers with brilliant features that enable them to better communicate with friends and family. This new operating system brings new health and fitness features to the Apple Watch along with a brand-new face sharing feature that allows you to share and install watch faces, which is shared by other people in messages, websites and apps.

In addition, Apple has added a new feature called the ‘sleep app’, offering sleep tracking capabilities and accurate sleeping analysis chart using an accelerometer to measure and detect subtle movements while breathing so that it knows you are asleep or awake.

tvOS 14

Apple has also previewed a new operating system for their Apple TV called tvOS 14, which is available on the fourth and fifth generation of Apple TVs. This new tvOS 14 makes it easy for consumers to navigate, interact, and fully experience Apple television.

The redesigned control center focuses on multi-user support and features a refreshed UI. The new design is now similar to what you would see on iOS and iPad OS to keep their ecosystem consistent.

A dedicated picture-in-picture mode will now allow you to multi-task effectively on tvOS 14. You can have a video playing in the corner of the screen whilst you play on an app.

Media sharing between iOS devices is now made much simpler with tvOS 14. You can use AirPlay to display photos and videos up to 4k resolution on your Apple TV.  Audio can be seamlessly shared between devices just at the touch of a button.

When Will Beta Versions Be Available?

Apple released the Developer-only Beta of all the above software to registered developers straight after WWDC Keynote and there are plans in place to release a Public Beta at some point in July. These are designed for testers to iron out all the kinks in the software prior to releasing it to a wider public.

It is also a great opportunity for Developers of your favourite applications to tweak and update their applications, so they run seamlessly on the new software.

The full release of all the software is believed to take place at some point during the Autumn.


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