Apple never stops, this means there are constantly new models and upgraded products being developed year on year. The second that they finish developing an iPhone there are already plenty more developers halfway through the process of the next model, this is due to the huge consumer demand for their products and services. In saying this, let us go through an example of a few updated models and creations that Apple are conjuring up for 2022. From Macs to iPhones there are plenty of upcoming products for us here at iMendMacs to walk you through and give an insight into what they are and the dates they may release.


Now starting off with Apple’s most famous and well-known product, the iPhone. Now as the iPhone 13 was released in late September this year, there are strong rumours that the iPhone 14 will have a similar release date in 2022. The iPhone 14 in all its models is expected to get the 120Hz refresh rate of which was only available on the Pro model of the iPhone 13. More news will surely come out about the iPhone 14 as the release date gets closer, there is some news over a new iPhone SE, however. This model could be coming earlier in the spring of 2022 and use 5G. It is still undecided whether the home button will be taken away or not, yet consumers are pleading to keep it as the iPhone SE is currently the only iPhone being made that have a home button.


Apple stated in June 2020 that all their Macs would be switching to silicone processors within 2 years. Apple has applied this to many of its Macs already including the MacBook Air, 24in iMac, the 13in MacBook Pro, Mac mini, 14in MacBook Pro, and 16in MacBook Pro models. Apple will continue to implement this switch will all future Macs.

In terms of new products, Apple is looking to release a 27in iMac that will follow on from the 24in. This will also be available in a multitude of colours, yet there is still no confirmation on which colours they will be. This change in colour scheme is due to the model having black bezels meaning that it may feature darker shades than the 24in iMac. The next-generation 27in ‌iMac‌ will adopt a mini-LED display for brighter colours, deeper blacks, and improved HDR. The model will feature ProMotion display technology which allows for a refresh rate of up to 120Hz. This model is rumoured to launch in the first half of 2022 so keep your eyes peeled!

Apple is announcing a new Mac Pro, this of course will include a silicone processor with a 32-core CPU and a total of 128-Core GPU. Apple will most likely showcase this new Mac Pro at the WWDC 2022 where they will show their desktop M-series chipped Macs and potentially provide more information on the Mac Pro. Despite this, it will most likely just be a showcase for it to be released at a later date. If you missed out on Apple’s WWDC this year, then be sure to check out our blog that covered the important content.


Now moving onto iPads, there are 2 main models which are being rumoured by Apple in 2022. These are the iPad Pro and iPad Air. The iPad Pro is set to have an updated design and wireless charging support, this product is expected to come out around the Spring of 2022. The iPad Air was one of a few Apple products that did not receive an update in 2021. Due to this, other iPads like the iPad and iPad mini seem like much better options as they are cheaper and include the M1 chip. We predict that the updated iPad Air will include upgraded chips and a higher quality Facetime camera. This is also rumoured for Spring 2022.


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