We all know that Apple put out products like their lives depend on it, with updated versions of the iPhone, iMac and iPad coming every year as well as a new generation Apple Watch and AirPods. With all these new and improved Apple products on the market some products may suffer massively and be considered obsolete by the end of 2022. Read on below for the Apple products that are out of favour in 2022.

Apple Watch Cases

As you probably already know, Apple Watch cases aren’t nearly as popular as iPhone cases. When it comes to the cases that are available and previously popular, they will now have a harder time selling after the Series 8 arrives. This is due to speculation stating that Apple are looking to release a more “rugged” option for the 2022 Apple Watch, this is to cater for training athletes. The Apple Watch Series 7 is already dust- and water-resistant with a thicker front crystal that has a sturdier shape more resistant to cracks, this gives no real use to having an Apple Watch case. The Series 8 is set to be even bulkier and so this would tell us that a case would be even less effective on it.

Skins for MacBook

Now you’ve most likely seen these skins, maybe on your friend’s laptop or out in public. For many years Apple have launched plain looking MacBooks that were only available in colours like sliver, gold and space grey. Due to this, there were many products put on the market as skins for your MacBook that many people bought and enjoyed. This may all come to a stop as Apple is rumoured to be releasing a new MacBook Air that will be available in an array of colours like the iMac.

Choosing between actual colours rather than shades of grey would give the MacBook an identity it hasn’t had in years and compel more people to keep their MacBook unadorned. Additionally, it would cease the need to buy colourful skins online and so that section of the market may come to a halt.

Larger iPhones are Here to Stay

When Apple launched the iPhone 12 mini, it was presented as a triumphant return for small phones. Although upon initial release however, the phone did not sell as much as Apple would have wanted in comparison to their more modern & larger phones. Due to this, they are focusing on phones like the iPhone XS Max. Alas, do not worry if you are an avid small iPhone user, Apple have no plans to scrap these designs!


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