Apple have confirmed their Spring Event for 2022 and this has gotten their users very excited. We will be going through the more concrete rumours of what they are going to showcase at the Spring Event as well as letting you know the exact time and place that you can watch it! Read on below to find out the latest information on the iPhone, iPad & iMac and more.


When is the Event & What Time Does It Start?

Now this is the most important piece of information that we will be giving out, as if you do not know what time or day that the event is on then you might completely miss it and so all the information below will mean nothing! Apple’s Spring Event has been confirmed to take place on Tuesday 8th March, it will be at 6pm in the UK so be sure to put this in your calendar. You can watch the event in 2 main places, the first being to go to Apple’s website and view it on their events page. The second is to go to Apple’s YouTube Channel where they have already scheduled a livestream for the Spring Event.


What is Set to Launch at Apple’s Spring 2022 Event?

Now let us get into the real meat & bones of this article, Apple have been rumoured to showcase several new products and updates in the latest 2022 Spring Event. There are many products that have been hinted at that we are not going to go into much detail about, as they are less likely to be showcased at the event. These include the iPad Pro; this is set to receive at update in 2022, however this would more likely happen next autumn. The Apple TV mini: a cheaper Apple TV product may help Apple deliver its TV+ subscription to a wider audience. Apple Games Console: Apple could possibly release a games console that is based on the Apple TV- there are rumours that this console will be very powerful and will rival other gaming platforms like XBOX & PlayStation.

On the 23rd of January this year, notorious Apple leaker Dylandkt tweeted his predictions that are often very accurate. The tweet quoted ‘For the Apple Spring event, we will be receiving the Mac Mini with M1 Pro and M1 Max, a new 5G iPhone SE, and a new iPad Air. iMac Pro is still on track currently for a release in the spring. Yet, I have heard there are still concerns with regards to production.’ Dylan then also went on to tweet ‘I have received confirmation that there will be an additional configuration for the upcoming iMac Pro beyond M1 Max. A 12 Core CPU configuration was tied to a snippet of code referencing the iMac.’ We will now go through these 5 products to what changes Apple are rumoured to make!

iPad Air

A new iPad Air being released at Apple’s Spring Event is by no means a shock. This is because the iPad Air was not updated in 2021 at all so it is pretty much guaranteed to get its needed upgrade in 2022. With the more affordable iPad mini now having an updated A15 processor, the current iPad Air looks a tad outdated with its A14 processor so we can be certain this will be addressed in the new iPad Air. The iPad Air may also feature an M1 chip like that of the iPad Pro, although this probably will not happen until it has first had a processor upgrade.


iPhone SE 3

The original iPhone SE released in 2016, had become a very popular option for consumers due to it being the smallest and cheapest option available. This was presumably the same with the second-generation SE released in 2020, especially after the original was discontinued in 2018. A key reason for their popularity is that the model still had a home button.

Regarding the iPhone SE 3, it is likely to have 5G capabilities and could be a larger model or Apple may release an SE Plus model. There is a possibility that Apple are adopting a Face-ID option on the SE, this would mean replacing the home button. We would not consider this decision very wise however, due to the home button feature being one of the main draws that consumers have towards the iPhone SE.



We are expecting to see an updated iMac at the upcoming Spring Event. There are hopes that the 27in iMac will be updated with a larger screen and several design changes, like that of the 24inch Mac & Apple’s Pro Display XDR. We expect Apple to include a new M1 Pro M1 Max processor to the iMac, as well as it receiving double the amount of CPUs & GPUs. This newest iMac is set to take on the name of iMac Pro, which will emphasise Apple’s intentions of targeting the pro market. Dylandkt also mentioned there will be an additional design beyond the M1 Max for this particular model.


Mac mini Pro

The iMac Pro may not be the only Mac that is receiving an update at the 2022 Spring Event, the Mac mini is set to be getting a M1 Mac and M1 Pro upgrade! Two Mac mini designs did receive an M1 processor in 2020 yet one remained with Intel. Due to this, we massively anticipate an M1 Pro Mac mini that will replace this Intel Mac mini. To find out more about the features of the Mac mini, be sure to read our latest blog that covers this subject.


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