As we have already discussed in our recent blogs the WWDC 2020 is nearly upon us. On Monday 22nd June Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference will take place. The technology giants have now given us a bit more information about what is to come and how this year’s all-digital conference will work. As this year’s conference is online, it doesn’t mean that Apple have done less to make the event special! Apple seemed to have made the event bigger and better. Last Thursday we got a insight of the full schedule and a preview of what is to come!


Keynote Event 

The 2020 edition of the WWDC event will include the traditional keynote event. This is the part of the conference when Apple’s CEO Tim Cook and other Apple executives talk on stage about upgrades to the Apple systems. This includes the first look at the iOS and iPadOS 14, updated versions of the macOS, tvOS and watchOS. There will be even more updates which include the HomePod, Siri and potentially a revamped iMac. The keynote event where we will see Apple’s new updates will start at 6pm BST on Monday 22nd June. This special event will stream straight from Apple Park via, Apple Developer Website, Apple TV app and YouTube.


 What else is there to look out for? 

After the keynote event, Apple will host the ‘Platforms State of the Union’, this will take place at 10pm BST. Apple’s Engineering experts will go into further depth about Apple’s software updates giving the Apple developers more insight about what is in the pipeline. The two events we have explained that are starting on Monday is only the start of the weeklong event. There will be over 100 different engineering sessions through-out the week ranging from design- dedicated to technical sessions. These sessions are targeted at developers that are looking to build the next successful app and more for the different platforms. Apple will be uploading videos at 6pm BST every day of the week. There will also be a change to Apple forums, which is reported to include interacting the developer community with over 1000 Apple Engineers who can assist you will you development queries. Apple are reported to be introducing one-on-one sessions with Apple engineers, which will allow them to get to grips with the new software quicker. This will only be appointment only.


Keeping Up to Date on the Apple’s Worldwide Developers Event

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