iPad & iPhone Repairs in Birmingham 

We can repair any model of iPhone or iPad. Not wanting a huge bill from Apple for a small fix that can be amended quickly? Here at iMendMacs, we solve the issue you have with your apple device efficiently for a cost that won’t break the bank at the end of it. We also offer express delivery for those people that can’t wait for their repaired Apple device, speeding the repairing process up. We have an experienced team of iPhone & iPad engineers located in Birmingham who will find a solution to your issue. From iPhone screen repairs to iPad battery repairs, we can take the stress away from you and fix your device in no time at all, all from within our Birmingham office.

Mac Repairs in Birmingham 

As well as iPad and iPhone repairs, we also do Mac repairs in Birmingham. Our engineers know the components of the Mac inside out and instead of completely replacing the parts they repair the specific elements. This makes it more affordable for our Birmingham customers giving them the opportunity to fix their Mac without the large repairer’s price tag. As well as the price repairing the individual parts also is more beneficial for the machine itself. iMacs, MacBook’s, Pros and Airs, our team are accustomed to the Apple Macs.

Apple Watch Repairs in Birmingham 

We also provide Apple Watch Repairs; the Apple watch is a slightly newer device to the ones we have already spoken about; people are unsure as of what to do with it when they’re damaged. Many Apple repairers shy away from repairing Apple Watches but here at iMendMacs, we love a test. Your Apple Watch will be in fine working condition in no time.

Apple Device Refurbishment in Birmingham 

Here at iMendMacs, we sell refurbished Apple products. Not wanting to pay thousands of pounds on brand new Apple products? Why not choose to buy one of our refurbished iPhone, iPad and Macs for a much cheaper price. You may think that a refurbished device won’t last as long… You’re incorrect, every product we sell are fully examined and are sold in nothing other than faultless working condition.

Data Recovery in Birmingham 

We’re specialists in Apple & Non-Apple gadget data recovery where we can recuperate data from your device that has been wiped. Our dedicated team of engineers are experts in recovering your data including regaining data from internal hard drives and portable hard drives. In the instance that we cannot fix your apple device then there are no fees involved, we, therefore, propose a free upfront assessment.

About Birmingham 

Birmingham is the second-largest city in England with around 1.1 million people living in the city area and around 3.8 million people living in the metropolitan area. It is commonly known as the second city in the UK. It is considered to be a social, cultural and financial centre of the Midlands. Here at iMendMacs, we’re just a stone’s throw away from Birmingham City Centre. We’re giving the people of Birmingham iPhone repairs and other apple gadgets service that is customer focussed and excellently priced.

Contact Us 

Located in Birmingham and needing your Apple device repaired? Our experienced team of Apple device engineers will give you the complete service, which will result in your device feeling brand-new. Get in touch by telephone 01212969996 or email us info@imendmacs.com