iPad & iPhone Repairs in Droitwich 

Our team of expert engineers can repair iPhones and iPads for people in Solihull. Providing repairs for a fair cost and in a fast timeframe. Therefore you’re not left without your iPhone or iPad for a long period of time. We offer express delivery for people that struggle to work without the device, stepping up the repairing process. Our team of iPhone & iPad engineers will find an answer to your problem. From iPad battery repairs to iPhone screen repairs, we can take the troubles away from you and repair your Apple device in no time at all.

Mac Repairs in Droitwich 

Alongside the iPad and iPhone repairs, we also produce Mac repairs. Our technicians have quality knowledge when it comes to a Mac. We repair Macs different to other companies where we don’t change the whole part of the Mac; we try to mend the individual parts. This causes it to be cost-effective for our customers to have their Mac. In addition to the cost, repairing the separate parts also effective for the machine itself.

Apple Watch Repairs in Droitwich 

In recent years Apple has expanded its product to the Apple Watch which has seen many people have invested. Our engineers have the understanding and knowledge to be able to repair your Apple Watch. People are often puzzled about what to do when their watch is broken. Many repair companies stay away from repairing Apple Watches but we like a test. We will get your Apple Watch working in no time.

Apple Device Refurbishment in Droitwich 

Here at iMendMacs we sell refurbished Apple Devices to the people of Droitwich. The public often think that Apple products are costly, encouraging them to buy refurbished Apple devices. Customers believe that a refurbished device won’t last as long… they’re incorrect; the Apple products we sell are reviewed fully and are sold in in a perfect condition.

Data Recovery 

We are experts in Apple & Non-Apple device data recovery, where we can re-instate data from your Apple Device that has been removed. Our engineers are experts in recovering data including retrieving data from internal hard drives and portable hard drives. In the incidence that we cannot fix your Apple device then there are no fees involved, we subsequently offer a free assessment.


Droitwich is a historic town in the North of Worcestershire famous for its salt supply to the whole of the UK. The town is approximately 22 miles from Birmingham. However, the other option is our free pick-up service, give them the choice to not move a finger and let us do the rest

Contact Us 

Do you live in Droitwich and need your Apple product repaired or refurbished? Our experienced team of Apple device engineers will give you the complete service, which will result in your device feeling brand-new. Get in touch by telephone 01212969996 or email us info@imendmacs.com