iPad & iPhone Repairs in Evesham 

Our elite technicians here at iMendMacs’ can mend both iPad repairs and iPhone repairs. We deliver the repairs for a cost-effective amount and in rapid time so you’re not left without your iPhone or iPad for very long. We offer express delivery for those people that can’t wait for their repair, quickening up the process. We have a practised team of iPhone & iPad engineers who will find answers to your problem. From iPad screen repairs to iPhone battery repairs, we can take the troubles away from you and repair your Apple device in no time at all.

Mac Repairs in Evesham

We don’t only do iPad and iPhone repairs, we also produce Mac repairs. Our team of technicians have exceptional knowledge when it comes to the Mac. Instead of ripping the parts out of the Mac and starting again, we repair each individual part. This provides it a more affordable services for our customers giving them the option to fix their Mac without the being charged large Apple prices. Along with the cost, repairing the separate parts is also more effective for the machine.

Apple Watch Repairs in Evesham 

Apple Watches are still recent to the Apple Technology; however, our technicians have the knowledge and ability to be able to fix your Apple Watch. Often people aren’t sure what to do when their apple watch has been damaged because it’s a different device to other Apple products. Many repair companies avoid fixing Apple Watches but we like a test. We will get your Apple Watch working as soon as possible.

Apple Device Refurbishment in Evesham 

Selling refurbished Apple products to the town of Evesham. People often believe that Apple products are expensive, making refurbished Apple products attractive to them. Customers often think that a refurbished device won’t be as durable… they’re incorrect; all of the Apple products we sell are evaluated fully and are sold in nothing other than in a flawless condition.

Data Recovery 

Our technicians are professionals in device data recovery, where we can restore data from your device that has been removed. Our devoted engineers are specialists in recovering your data including retrieving data from internal hard drives and portable hard drives. In the occurrence that we cannot mend your apple device, there are no fees involved; we therefore offer a free upfront examination.


Evesham is a market town of Worcestershire with Cheltenham and Stratford upon Avon is within touching distance. However, the other option is our free pick-up service, give them the choice to not move a finger and let us do the rest…

Contact Us 

Do you live in Evesham and need your Apple product repaired or refurbished? Our experienced team of Apple device engineers will give you the complete service, which will result in your device feeling brand-new. Get in touch by telephone 01212969996 or email us info@imendmacs.com