And its LIVE…

After lots of hours of coding & designing our Website is finally here. So have a look around & let us know what you think.

Many Thanks to our Friends over at Global Graphics for all their hard work & determination to create a site that is not only user friendly but also fits with our Brand.

If you have any feedback or spot any changes we need to make by all means drop us an email to

How can we help you?

Whilst your here have a look around, get to know us.

Much like the emergency services, we hope you never have to use our services but it should be comforting that we are here to help out with any Apple disasters.

Head over to our repair landing page where you can learn about the kind of services we can offer you. From Smashed Apple Watch screens to Liquid Damaged MacBooks we’ve seen & Mended it all before.

Nothing Broken? Good

How a bit of Retail therapy instead. Head over to our Refurbish & Store to get your fix.

Much like what we repair we also Sell everything Apple. All of it has been Lovingly checked, tested & refurbished by our team of engineers.

So if you need a replacement or just fancy joining the Apple world have a browse around.

You can even Trade in your old Tech for something a bit fresher or just a little bit of pocket money.

iPhones full of music, iPads full of Photos & Hard drives bursting at the seam with important documents.

We store data on everything these days. But what happens if the device you’re storing it on breaks?

Well thats where we can help.

Our team of engineers have trained with Data Recovery Specialists all over the World & now can provide that service to you.

We can recover data from pretty much any storage device including liquid damaged iPhones & iPads.

Pop onto our Data Recovery page to find out how we could help you.

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