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History of the iPad

Released in 2010 the iPad, which started development prior to the iPhone, is yet another revolutionary product.

Giving the User the full Mac experience, with the portability and App Store from the iPhone.

We’ve had plenty of iterations, with Apple releasing some only 6 months after the previous version, we’ve also had number, ‘Pro’ ‘Mini’ & ‘Air’ versions.

Software is supported several versions back so you can pick up an older version that works perfectly fine, for much cheaper than a new one.

Why Refurbished?

The top specification iPad Pros brand new can cost up to an eye watering £1500. So purchasing a ‘Like New’ device can save you money but also give you the same experience due to the software support.

Some devices come equipped with cellular so you can utilise them out and about when not around Wifi.

You can also utilise iPads within a business as many large corporations do each with access to specific apps.

Refurbished iPads from iMendMacs, will all be “Like New” completed a 20 step refurbishment process and come with a 6 Month Warranty.

Trade in / Part Exchange

You can all trade in your old tech or part exchange them for something a bit newer and shinier.

We also take your preloved products & recycle them in an environmentally friendly manner.

Which iPad is Right for You?

The iPad range is quite simple. You have iPad, Air, Mini & Pro. All of them cater for the base of the user experience so you will always be able have a iPhone experience on a larger screen.

The iPad is your solid allrounder, can do everything you need it to do but won’t be replacing your computer any time soon.

The iPad mini is much the same as the iPad in a smaller architecture, this makes it even more portable, but less likely to produce large pieces of work upon it.

The iPad Pro is the powerhouse, one that you can actually replace your computer with. People use these to design, create and work on.

The iPad Air is the go between, enough horsepower so it doesn’t slow you down, but not everything.

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The iMendMacs Difference

All our iPads will be network unlocked and clear of any iCloud issues. So it will be ready to go.

As detailed previously, all our iPads go through a rigorous 20 step refurbishment program to ensure you get quality you can trust.

Plus we guarantee the Quality by providing a 6 Month Warranty on all refurbished iPads.

 Finally, we will always provide a power cable to ensure you walk out working and if you would like we can source a case. We will even deliver. Saving you Money and more environmentally friendly.

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