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History of the iPhone

“An iPod, a Phone, and an internet communicator” Steve Job said as he announced the Original iPhone in 2007.

A revolutionary product from day one and has created the SmartPhone industry as we know it today.

We’ve gone up through the numbers (Missing out 2 & 9) and even had extra letters and words such as S, SE, C, Max, Plus, & finally Pro.

Most parts on iPhones can be replaced relatively cheaply so you can keep quality iPhones running for many years.

Why Refurbished?

With very few changes between versions and prices escalating over £1000 people have begun more and more to stick with their iPhones for longer than their contract or search for refurbished devices.

Also a lot of businesses utilise batches of iPhones to keep all their workforce utilising the same hard and software.

Refurbished iPhones from iMendMacs, will all be “Like New” completed a 20 step refurbishment process and come with a 6 Month Warranty.

Trade in / Part Exchange

You can all trade in your old tech or part exchange them for something a bit newer and shinier.

We also take your preloved products & recycle them in an environmentally friendly manner.

Which iPhone is Right for You?

iPhones come in different shapes, sizes and specifications.

It all depends on your budget and what you plan to use it along side a phone.

If you want a solid camera the plus models from the 7 onwards have a duel camera system which can take some incredible depth of field photographs.

However, they do add a significant amount of size to the overall device.

Anything from the iPhone X doesn’t have a physical home button but has a delicious edge to edge display for your content.

There are even different colours of the backs of certain devices to match your style.

The iMendMacs Difference

All our iPhones will be network unlocked and clear of any iCloud issues. So it will be ready to go.

As detailed previously, all our iPhones go through a rigorous 20 step refurbishment program to ensure you get quality you can trust.

Plus we guarantee the Quality by providing a 6 Month Warranty on all refurbished iPhones.

 Finally, we will always provide a power cable to ensure you walk out working and if you would like we can source a case. We will even deliver. Saving you Money and more environmentally friendly.

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