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History of the iMac

The iMac is Apple desktop computer. They were first announced in 1998 and has changed through six distinctly different forms. 

It has gone from the above G4 being egg-shaped to its present design, the seventh generation,  a thin, rectangular screen with a retina display and aluminium finish.

As the years have progressed, the iMac has gained more storage and a better display but lost ports, disk drives and the ability for cheaper DIY repairs.

Why Refurbished?

The iMac is iconic, and they have an incredible shelf-life with some machines still working 10-15 years after purchase.

However, due to that longevity, the initial price from Apple has rocketed over the years with a Base Model starting at over £1000. 

Refurbished iMacs from iMendMacs, will all be “Like New” completed a 20 step refurbishment process and come with a 6 Month Warranty. 

Saving you Money and more environmentally friendly.

Trade in / Part Exchange

You can all trade in your old tech or part exchange them for something a bit newer and shinier.

We also take your preloved products & recycle them in an environmentally friendly manner.

Which iMac is Right for You?

iMacs are available in 21.5”, 24” and 27” size screens, and since 2015, they have come with Retina 5K screens for incredible quality imagery.

iMacs are used as desktop machines and generally focused on the more intense programs on the market. Music Producers, Graphic Designers and Architects use these as a power workhorse.

However, some of the older models are perfectly fine for browsing and word processing.

The iMendMacs Difference

As detailed previously, all our iMacs go through a rigorous 20 step refurbishment program to ensure you get quality you can trust.

Plus we guarantee the Quality by providing a 6 Month Warranty on all refurbished iMacs.

Finally, we will always provide a mouse and keyboard alongside the power cable to ensure you walk out working. We will even deliver.

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