If it was Designed in California By Apple…
It can be Repaired by iMendMacs in Birmingham

Mac Repairs

Most Repairers only replace parts, we repair components which is cheaper & more effective for your machine iMacs, Macbooks, Pros & Airs we’ve seen it all & can repair it too.

iPhone Repairs

From Screens & Batteries to Motherboards & we know these guys inside & out & can get them fixed in no time. We even offer express services for those desperate for their iFIX

Image of an iPad.

iPad Repairs

Whatever iPad you own, we can fix it here at iMendMacs. From LCD iPad screen replacements to Front facing camera module replacements, our professionals can ensure that your iPad will be in full working order in no time at all.

Image of a MacBook.

MacBook Repairs

Whether you have a MacBook Pro or a MacBook Air, we have got you covered. Damage to your MacBook is easily done. Our technicians will help you get your MacBook into working order in no time at all.

Liquid Damage Repairs

Accidents Happen, but we can help. But you need to act fast. Book your repair today & there’s a good chance we can save your Mac. We can clean up the liquid & repair what has short circuited, or if you just need your data we can recover that for you.

Nationwide Service

Nationwide Collection & Delivery fully insured & free of charge.


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