The MacBook Pro is a line of Apple Mac portable computers that were first introduced onto the market in January 2006. This type of MacBook is one of the higher-end models in the MacBook family sitting above the MacBook Air. Currently, the device is available with a 13- and a 16-inch screen. Apple formerly sold 15- and 17-inch MacBook, however, they have stopped production of these. Our specialist engineers can repair all four sizes of the MacBook Pro.


Image of a MacBook Pro.

Battery Replacement

Has your laptop been using its battery life quicker than normal? Your device may need a new battery, which will give you enough battery life to last you the entire working day. Here at iMendMacs, we are aware of how important your laptop is to you; consequently, we provide MacBook battery replacement services at an affordable cost. Book your battery replacement appointment here.

Screen Replacement

Broken your MacBook screen? Your first thought maybe going to Apple or even buying a brand-new one from the Apple store. Save yourself some money by taking advantage of our MacBook screen replacement service, our technicians are on hand to make sure your device is in working order in no time at all.



Image of a MacBook Pro.

Data Recovery Services

If your MacBook has failed to backup and you have lost your data, we can help. We have the experience and know-how to be able to get your precious data back. As soon as you notice that your data has been wiped, contact our skilled technicians and they will give you some expert advice on the next steps of the device data recovery.

Liquid Damage Repairs

Liquid damage to your MacBook Pro is a common issue that our engineers see. Whether you have spilt your morning coffee on the device or dropped it into your sink, your MacBook being water damaged is easily done. Don’t stress, our expert team are on hand to ensure that the device is in working order as soon as possible.

Book MacBook Pro Repair

Has your laptop suffered one of the problems above? Or even another issue that we haven’t discussed above? Our professional team will be more than happy to help you. Book MacBook Pro repair now.