Over the coming weeks, Apple is introducing privacy notifications on their devices to stop third parties like Facebook from tracking your activity on websites and apps. The update will be integrated with the iOS 14.5 making it compulsory that iPhone apps have to get the users consent before collecting additional data.

This has led to uproar from Facebook who has criticised Apple for implementing the privacy notification and have described it as a ‘discouraging prompt’ which enables users to decide whether the third-party company can collect their data.

This App Tracking Transparency feature is being published just as Apple & Facebook are set to have some clashes over Apple’s privacy notification. Multiple technology developments and court cases are on the cards as the two technological giants fight to reshape the technology industry and how privacy policies work.

In Facebook’s eyes, the new ATT feature could harm small businesses and app developers and it was designed purely for Apple’s benefit and their advertising features.

Apple has responded by saying that they are comfortable with app advertising and wasn’t eliminating tracking. They’re wanting each app to receive user consent to track. This will allow for transparency and enhances user control.

Image of a iPhone next to an iPhone with Facebook on the screen.

Tim Cook, Apple’s chief executive carried out an attack on Facebook at the start of this year, without specifically saying the name of the company. He suggested that Facebook’s data collection policies powered the mob attack on the Capitol building in Washington in January.

He went on to dissect how Facebook collect their data and how it needs to change in the long run. “At a moment of rampant disinformation and conspiracy theories juiced by algorithms… it’s long past time to stop pretending that this approach doesn’t come with a cost – of polarisation, of lost trust and, yes, of violence.”

The social media company has recently announced that they will be joining Epic Games who are the makers of Fortnite against the legal fight with Apple. They will be delivering information on Apple’s policies and how they have a damaging impact on the company.

They have emphasised the fact that small app companies that have free apps rely on advertising to make money. While also explaining that Apple is informing people that they’re doing this to help people, however, they’re doing it for their competitive interests.

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