Apple have announced that they will holding an event on the 15th September at 6pm GMT. The event will be held in Apple Park, California just like the WWDC event back in June. Apple usually hold a special iPhone event every autumn. However, things are a little different this year with the iPhone 12 likely to be postponed until October. The iPhone launch is expected to be spread out in terms of release dates with the more affordable models to come out before the pro versions. This could be an indicator as why Apple have delayed the release of the new iPhone. The annual iPhone event could lead to new iPad & Apple Watch models being released.

Apple is preparing the release of the Apple Watch Series 6, which is rumoured to look similar to the series 5 edition. However, Apple are stepping up their game with a new health tracking system built in with a blood oxygen level detection in the watch. It’s also rumoured to be giving the Digital Crown a revamp in design, with iPhones moving away from physical buttons and into light sensors. Could the Apple Watch be moving the same direction? The technology giants have also said to looking into bringing a more affordable apple watch onto the market.

It is also looking likely that they’re going to bring a new iPad out with the imminent reveal of the iPad Air 4 which includes an edge to edge display. The iPad could feature a touch id built into the power button. This is exciting as it has never been implemented into an iPad before. The iPad Air 4 would act as a middle ground between the £250 iPad and the iPad Pro. If these reports are true regarding the iPad Air, then this is a step in the right direction for Apple. The iPad Air’s have always been one step behind the iPad Pro in terms of features. It will also distance them from being seen as the low-end iPads.

As well as the two new exciting rumours above, there are more predictions including Apple Silicon updates for the Mac, Apple Studio headphones and Air Tag Trackers. These are all possibilities for the upcoming event; however, Apple may hold them back for a potential October event.


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