Certain people may not see the need for the iPad, it is the middle child in the trio of the main Apple products on the market. The iPad does get some disrespect in the Apple community sometimes as some people may not see the use it provides compared to the iPhone or iMac. The iPad has multiple uses and can be an improvement on the other two Apple products in some areas. Read on below to see some of the benefits to buying an iPad.

Consume or Create

As a rule, if you consume content, watch Netflix, iPlayer, surf the web, an iPad is perfect. If you create content, use Word, Excel, or Photoshop, a Mac would be a better option.

Extremely Portable

The main asset of the iPad is how portable it is. iPads will fit in any satchel or handbag as well as being easy enough to carry underneath your arm. For example, the iPad Pro 4th generation model is just under 13 inches and weighs just over half a kilogram so you will have no trouble carrying it around. The iPad Air is even smaller at around 9.74 inches and so will fit into most bags and weigh even less than the Pro.

Large App Capacity

Any iPad created after 2015 has the storage capacity to hold all the apps you need. The iPad also already comes with fitted apps that are capable of handling routine tasks. Apps like the clock, safari, mail, notes, calculator are all useful to have on a day-to-day basis. On top of the apps that the iPad already comes with, you have access to the app store and countless amounts of free apps that can help better your user experience.

Easy to Use

Another point about the benefits of the iPad is just how easy it is to use. It has the same touchscreen features as the iPhone, yet it is on a much bigger screen, as mentioned previously it is like the middle child of the Apple products and can do a lot of the features of an iMac as well as an iPhone. The large screen of the iPad is also inclusive for those with poor eyesight or trouble deciphering words as the text can be made much larger than the iPhone. Its zoom in feature is even easier to use if you need a closer look at something. So, if you are looking for practicality then the iPad is surely the best choice.

Great Entertainment System

The iPad is great for entertainment purposes, whether you are downloading e-books to read or watching your favourite streaming platforms it can do pretty much anything in this field. iPad supports popular platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime as well as obviously providing Apple TV products. The iPad is also great for listening to music and podcasts as the speakers are rather large which enable for a better listening experience. Just like every Apple product, the iPad can get all these services via the App store which is as simple as typing in the app and clicking download!


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