Apple has sold over 500 million iPads in the last decade since it was brought onto the market. It is a very popular device, which can be used for a range of everyday activities, however, infrequently you may have a problem with your iPad. Although, your first point of call shouldn’t be the nearest Apple store. There are some problems that you can fix yourself or if these tips don’t become fruitful, our engineers here at iMendMacs are more than happy to complete the iPad repair for you.

There could be a whole range of problems that could be having an impact on the running of the device. Certain apps could be clashing with one another or there could be an issue with the iPad’s operating systems. These potential issues can impact the iPad’s resource management or problems with memory storage. Your tablet may have some network issues, which can lead to potential problems connecting to the internet. In this blog post, we’ll be going through some common issues our customers have and how you can fix them.

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Frozen iPad Screen 

You may have the problem that your iPad screen freezes and is unresponsive for some time. On many of the Apple forums, a frozen iPad screen is one of the most common complaints on there.  One of the most likely causes of the device freezing is most probably a specific app, however, it’s not always straightforward understanding what app is causing it. If the freezing continuously happens, have a look at what apps are running at the time and try uninstalling those apps. To try and fix this issue, try restarting the iPad by holding down the Power button until ‘slide to power off’ appears on the screen, then slide to power off. Press and hold the power button to start the device up again.

If this technique doesn’t work, get in touch with our experienced engineers to see if they can help your iPad problems.

iPad Charging Issues

If you have the problem that your iPad won’t charge at all when you plug it into the power adapter, there could be multiple reasons why you’re struggling to charge the device. You may find that the device doesn’t charge when plugged into the computer, it could be the port you’re trying to charge it with. Try using the power adapter as a replacement instead. To see if your iPad is charging, you will see the lightning symbol appear on the screen. If you’re charging the iPad via the computer, it will always charge slower than a normal iPad charger. A possible solution is finding out if it’s the charger or the iPad, try charging another device with the same charger. This should tell you if it’s the iPad or the charger. Similar to the point above, try rebooting the iPad, to see if that has an impact on the iPads charging.


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iPad Not Connecting to Wi-Fi

This is one of the more frequent enquiries we get, there seems to be a lot of people that struggle to connect their iPad to the Wi-Fi. Before the real troubleshooting starts, make sure you check Settings > Wi-Fi to see if this setting is enabled. You should also check if Wi-Fi is enabled on other Apple devices. As we have previously stated, if you reboot the device and the router and then trying to reconnect. Once you have tried this, you can try telling the iPad to forget the network in settings. You should also check if you have the latest iOS software is installed on the iPad, the newer iOS software will enhance your chances of connecting your iPad to the Wi-Fi.

iPad Running Slow

You may find that your iPad is running on the slow side and experiencing some kind of lag when navigating the device, there are a few things that could be causing this. You could be having too many apps running at once. Try double-tapping the home button and swipe up each app to close it. If that doesn’t speed the device up, try resetting your iPad by holding down the Power button and home button at the same time for 10 seconds. If you aren’t seeing an improvement in the running time, get in touch with our experts who can help you repair your iPad.

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