Other than iPhones, iPad and Macs, people are now buying Apple Watches more readily. The product is by far the most popular smartwatch currently on the market. The Apple Watch is very flexible and goes with every outfit, this makes it a perfect purchase! Many Apple Watch users don’t only use it for the look, they take advantage of the many different features on the watch. With its varied capabilities, the watch is a must buy! Like all of Apple’s products they need care and maintenance and although the watch is recognised for its durability and being scratch proof. However, the watch is most definitely going to have a build-up of dust and dirt with consistent use. The smoothness of the device all depends on how well you look after it. Here are some tips on how to clean and maintain your watch from the professionals from iMendMacs.
Concentrate on the Watch Band

Cleaning your watch should also mean that you freshen up the band as well as the face. However, the different material bands will need a different type of care given to them. For example: the leather band should be cleaning with a lint-free cloth and should not be soaked in water, this could make further damage to the strap. If you have a sports band for your watch then this needs constant maintenance as it attracts lots of germs. Cleaning daily will help you preserve your watches bands.

Looking After the Digital Crown

A digital crown is something that Apple has created which is the answer to the crown on the watch. Apple watch users can press the digital crown to get themselves back to the home screen, like the home button on an iPhone. When dust or dirt gathers around the crown will restrict its movement. To effectively clean the digital crown, remove the band and clean the crown with a microfibre cloth.

Dangerous Chemicals

Ensure that you keep your watch away from harsh cleaning chemicals. Most Apple Watches are water resistant and can endure submersion also. Using slightly damp clothes to clean your watch will give you good results. It is key to understand your watch and then apply the correct cleaning techniques.

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