Now we understand that breaking up is hard to do. No sorry, I mean backing up is hard to do, I always get the two confused! Except it really isn’t, Apple make it so easy, and yet week after week we get customers coming in with broken hard drives, desperate for us to get their data back. Sometimes we can, sometimes we can’t, but invariably it costs more than the cost of a backup drive.

So what do we recommend for backing up your Mac? In a nutshell, Time Machine and 2 portable hard drives! Why 2? Well, 1 backup drive will save you from a crashed Mac hard drive, it won’t save you if your Mac and backup drive get stolen, as usually the backup drive and Mac are kept together. If you choose to only use one drive, store it in a different location to your Mac. If you decide on a two drive solution, keep one at home and one at work for example, swap them round once a week.

Back Up Frequency 

People say to us “how often should we backup?” and we say “it depends how often your data changes” if losing a day’s work would be a disaster, backup daily, if your data doesn’t change that often, do it weekly or monthly.

Using Time Machine couldn’t be easier, just plug the drive in and Time Machine will ask you if you want to use the disk as a backup, click yes. Setting up a to drive solution is only marginally more complicated and can be done in the Time machine preference panel in system preferences.

As ever, if you want to purchase a backup drive, or need help setting it up, get in touch. We sell backup drives for £150 or two for £300.

Keeping your Mac Safe and Secure

Security is one of those things we all know we should be doing something about, but not many people know what to do, and more importantly how. So please find below our top tips for securing your Mac.


Thankfully, as Mac users, we are not as at risk as our poor Windows using friends, that doesn’t mean we can be complacent though, and we do from time to time come across Macs that have been infected with nefarious software. So, we thought some free advice might help.

We recommend two bit of software to protect your Mac, both free. We all love free right? Avast antivirus for Mac and Malware Bytes These two apps will keep your Mac free of anything nasty.

If a web page pops up and tells you your Mac is infected with something, please ignore it, don’t click, and download anything that these web pages tell you to, it won’t end well.


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