Now, we have all felt the bottom of our Macs during usage and felt heat, if the heat is extreme, it could lead to a whole lot of problems for your Apple Mac. These problems could vary from limiting the to melting your circuit board and setting the whole Mac ablaze. Below is a few tips on ways to prevent your Mac from overheating and causing you any problems.

Limit Google Chrome Usage 

Google Chrome usually takes up around 1-2GB , it does this as it is constantly processing and taking its toll on your Mac’s CPU. When the Mac tends to work overtime this will result in it raising in temperature, as it has to work harder in order to continue to perform at its expected level. This will also trigger the fans to work harder as they will be needed in order for your Mac to cooldown.

Keep The Fans Unobstructed

Speaking of fans, ensure they are not blocked and free to work at full capacity. It is pretty common for people to use their laptops on their laps as it is in the name after all! Research into this shows that this should be prevented however as your Mac should be placed on a flat surface. If the surface is not flat then this could cause the fans to be blocked and as a result they will not be able to function and your Mac will overheat.

Close Unused Tabs

This is an easy fix if your Mac is overheating for this reason. Keep an eye on what tabs are using the most CPU and keep track of which ones need to be running and which can just simply be closed. It would just be plain stupid to have your iMac overheat due to too many tabs being left open. We do realise that it is a bad habit of which many people inhibit, in fact the majority of us will admit to leaving too many tabs open at a time so do not feel silly if you are doing this.

Try to Stay Current

This would be a last resort if your Mac is ageing or overheating to a point of no repair. Investing in the latest Mac will ensure you can have it for the longest amount of time, although it may seem expensive in the short-term it will be much more beneficial in the grand scheme of things. Staying current will also allow you to access the latest softwares and improved cooling systems will pretty much take care of any over-heating problems in the first place.

Hardware Service

Give your Mac a service, just like your car.

We strip it down and give everything a good clean, replace thermal paste on the chips that need it. This service costs £165


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