We all tend to use our laptops and computers every day and because of this they can tend to get dirty, an Apple Mac is no different in the way they will need cleaning from time to time. However, cleaning and electrical Apple product are not the same as cleaning down your countertops so you must be careful. Apple Mac screens can be quite sensitive and because of this, careful and precise cleaning is a must if you are looking not to damage it in any way. Below are a few tips on how to safely clean your Apple Mac.

No to Liquids 

You should never spray or pour any liquids directly on your Mac, this will cause unfixable damage to your screen and any components within your Mac. Dampen a cloth with a cleaning solution and wipe across your screen or softly dab your Mac. The dryer the cloth the better as any major moisture will damage your Apple Mac. The absolute best option is a microfibre cloth, often this won’t need dampening at all when using it to clean the screen. Here at iMend Macs, we use a dry microfibre cloth to clean all customer screens.

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If you need to clean your Apple Mac yet you do not have any special chemicals or cleaners, do not worry. A simple mixture of rubbing alcohol and water is a great cleaner and a much better option than soap and water. This mixture is ideal for cleaning keyboards, simply dip a Q-tip in the mixture and carefully manoeuvre it around between each key on your Mac. Substances like vinegar and bicarbonate of soda are not as effective in this case, although they may be the answer to clean everything else in your home!

Use a Cloth

Sometimes you do not even have to use any liquids on your Apple Mac at all. Use a vacuum to hoover up crumbs and little bits within your keyboard if any, as well as possible dust. Simply wiping away dust and hair from your screen can even be enough as long as it is done on a regular basis.

Do Not Use Ammonia

Be sure to purchase ammonia-free cleaning products to wipe don your screen if necessary. This will clean away any stains or marks on your screen and leave it shining and looking good as new. Some products are specially marked for cleaning screens such as an Apple Mac so they will also work.

Clean With Care

As with everything fragile, too much force can break it and ruin it for good. When it comes to an Apple Mac screen, aggressive wiping may cause scratching and cracks in your screen. This will mean that you will have to purchase a new screen which will cost a significant amount of money compared to the cost of just taking more care and time with things.


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