Apple has been a household name for many years now with the giants having 45% of all smartphone users in 2019. The brand is ever-growing and will only get bigger. When Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne started the company back in 1976 they projected that the company would be where they’re now. As it’s now a household name many people know a lot about the technology giants, however we do have some facts you may not know. Even before the if the 2007 release of the iPhone, Apple had an extensive history. Their initial idea was to sell the Apple I which was a computer created by Steve Wozniack.


1. Steve Jobs, a difficult character…

Steve Jobs was commonly known for being hard to work with. In 1985 when he had a boardroom spat with CEO John Sculley. Jobs was either sacked or resigned, that still isn’t confirmed. When Jobs left Apple, he founded the NeXT, which he developed to be the next computer giant. Apple surged on with CEO John Sculley, then Michael Splinder, and then Gil Amelio. Amelio was the CEO that decided to acquire NeXT and bring Steve Jobs back to the organisation. Jobs then got what he wanted all along by them letting go of Amelio and making him the permanent CEO of the business.

Steve Jobs (Former Apple CEO)
Steve Jobs (Former Apple CEO)


2. Jobs loved Apples!

Apple is called Apple because Steve Jobs loved the fruit! Silicon Valley was located in fruit orchards. It also helped that he was a fruitarian when the company was founded and only ate fruit. Often people think it was named Apple because of the connection between Beatles and Apple Records. Steve has been known to say that he thought the name sounded fun, spirited and not intimidating.


3. More Money than USA

It was reported in July 2011 that Apple had more money than the United States. This fact was constructed on the fact that the US had 73.7 billion to work with. While Apple had 76.4 billion in cash reserves. It is thought that Apple may have its eye on smaller business that craft systems that could possibly benefit Apple e.g. voice recognition.


4. Easier to get into Harvard!

It is calculated that it’s easier to get into Harvard University than get a job at an Apple Store. Harvard accepts around 8% of the applicants, whereas Apple receives that

Original Apple Logo
Original Apple logo created by Ronald Wayne.

many applications it only employs 2% of the applicants. These aren’t direct comparisons because the necessities to get into Harvard and work for Apple are completely different. However, it’s astonishing how selective Apple are when it comes to employees. In 2009 when Apple opened its Upper West Side store, they received 10,000 applications and only 200 people got jobs!


5. The Original Apple Logo Included Isaac Newton

Many people are now relatively common with the Apple logo, however, the very first Apple logo was much different to how it appears now. The first Apple logo contained Isaac Newton sitting under a tree, with the famous Apple about to hit him. The logo was designed by one of the original co-founders Ronald Wayne. However, the logo was ditched soon after because of the high level of detail, it didn’t show up well on the product.


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