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When Steve Jobs introduced the first iPhone in 2007. He stated “Every once in a while, a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything”

Now nearly 13 years later even Steve Jobs wouldn’t have predicted how far we would have come.

From those of us who experienced ‘BSP’ (Before Smartphones” the way these devices that we used to use just to message & call have evolved into devices that keep us connected 24/7 & allow us to work, play & communicate is truly awe-inspiring.

Technology moves fast & sometimes you see someone do something on their iPhone & you think “that looks good, how do I do it.” Well here are 13 top tricks & tips to keep you at the top of your iPhone & iOS game.

1: Swipe keyboard

For a long time, there have been 3rd Party Apps on the AppStore which allowed this functionality, however, in iOS 13, Apple introduced the Swipe keyboard, & much like most things with Apple it has a better implementation because they control the hardware & software.

It is on Automatically, however, if you wish to turn it off go into Settings / General / Keyboard & turn off “Slide to Type.”

Its very simple to use, slide your finger or thumb across the letters to spell a word, once complete stop & it will type what it thinks you swiped. It will also leave alternatives in the predictive text boxes. If its completely wrong hit the delete button once & its all gone.

*ProTip* Use your alternative hand to the one you type with, this way you can have some sort of ambidextrous ability to type in a pinch.

2: Silence the unknown

Ask yourself how many people have said to you “I don’t answer it if it is unknown”

Well, the next time someone does & they have an iPhone teach them this trick.

You can automatically silence unknown callers & not even know about it just by flipping a switch.

Go into your settings, phone & scroll to the bottom & turn on the setting listed as “Silence Unknown Callers”

They will be instantly silenced & sent to voicemail. Your phone won’t even vibrate or ring.

The only knowledge you will have is there will be a call added to your call list.

3. Automatically Close Tabs

You clicked on that news article from Twitter, You started your online shopping in that other tab, & you have 13 other tabs open from the last few weeks.

Open tabs are great for switching between items however it will start to impact the way your iPhone & Safari utilise your RAM & it can impact your network data usage.

So Apple has a little trick up its sleeve to help. With Safari you can set it up to automatically close tabs after a set period. This is simple to set up & if you use it right you should save time closing tabs.

Go into Settings, Safari, scroll to tabs, close tabs & choose between Manually, One Day, One Week & One Month. You have to ask yourself if you have a tab open for longer than a week are you going to action it?

4. Dark Mode

There seems to be a dark theme going on here. But Dark Mode is available on all Apple macOS & iOS products.

You can have it on all the time, you can schedule it to come on at any point or you can toggle it on at your leisure.

At time of writing iOS 13 is still in its early stages & App developers are still catching up with it, however, the dream of opening your phone at 3 am in darkness to be blinded by reading a message is already very appreciated.

5. Tap to Top

Probably one feature we use a lot more than we realise.

You’ve been scrolling on Instagram for what feels like days, & you’ve not watched that story from your best mate…some people close & reopen the app. Others use Tap to top.

Quite simply, you tap the status / top bar of your iPhone & it scrolls the screen to the top.

6. Who’s Calling?

It is raining, you’ve got your umbrella in one hand, & your Morning Coffee in your other & your favourite playlist in your ears & your iPhone starts ringing.

Do you get wet or put your coffee down to find out who’s calling?

Neither, simply enable your iPhone to announce who is calling. A great feature that can save you time & effort.

You can meander along & when someone calls you the iPhone will announce who it is.

You can fine-tune it to what environments you wish for it to do it, for instance in the car, or only over headphones.

It is found in Settings / Phone / Announce Calls.



7. Calculator Mistake

We’ve all done it, you’ve been trying to work out a complex sum & you’re on the last step & you type a 7, not an 8.

Don’t panic, just swipe from right to left & it deletes the last typed number, without having to start the sum again.

8. Optimise Charging

As much as we like changing batteries in iPhones & iPad in the newest iOS 13. You can help ensure that you never need to click this link.

Within the Battery settings on iOS, it gives you the option to “Optimise your charging”.

iOS learns how you charge, so if you plug in overnight or during your commute it will learn when you use your phone after it gets to 100%.

If you get to 100% at 2 am & don’t get up until 6 am. It will stagger your charging holding it at 80% until right before you usually get up. This will reduce the number of cycles your battery receives, therefore, extending its life.

You’ll find this setting in Settings / Battery / Battery Health & Optimised Battery Charging.

9. Camera Grid

Smartphone cameras have come on leaps & bounds over the past few years.

You can now take some very professional-looking photos with the iPhone in your pocket.

But if you want to take it to the next level. Pop over into the Camera settings which frustratingly are found in Settings & Camera.

Turn on the Grid.

This places a small 3×3 Grid in the camera app to help you frame up photos better.

10. Full Page Screenshots

You wish to take a screenshot of a website, but the bits you need are in lots of different places.

Well, iOS 13 has your back. If you screenshot on a website & press on the little preview window. It will give you an additional menu,  called full screen, this the whole web page which you can crop, so instead of taking lots of screenshots its all there in one.

11. Keyboard TrackPad

You’re typing a long message & as you give it one last read over you discover a spelling mistake.

You try & pop the cursor where it needs to go, but you keep missing.

Fear not here’s a little trick to narrow right into where you need to be.

Hold down on the keyboard & the keys will grey out, the cursor is now in your control, you can navigate it anywhere so you can get right to the error & fix it.

12. Scan your documents

If you need to scan your documents, Apple has two Apps for you.

The Notes app does it & the Files app.

All you have to do is press the camera button & it will say scan documents.

Line it up & away you go.

13. Screen Record.

So you’ve seen a few of these in this news article, & its a very good little trick.

Firstly you need to check if it is in your Control Centre.

So Go settings & Control Centre / Customise controls & add in Screen Recording.

Once it’s added in.

Swipe to open your control centre & then hit the record icon. It will give you a 3-second count down before you start & the little rec icon in the top corner whilst it is going.

To stop recording simply press on that icon.

The file saves in your photos app & you can edit it from there.

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