Are you having troubles charging your iPad regardless of the charger you’re using? Maybe you’re staring at a blank screen and you’re unsure of how to get your iPad working again? If this is the case, you may want to reboot the device and its functions. When your iPad doesn’t charge that is an issue with one of these four components: software, charger, charging port or the lightning cable. In this blog post, we will give you more information on how you identify which of these components may need repairing. However, we do suggest not to touch your iPad before an Apple device specialist looks at it first.


Resetting Your iPad  

We recommend that the first thing you do once you have found that your iPad isn’t charging is initiating a hard reset of the device. To perform a hard reset you need to press and hold the home and power buttons simultaneously until the Apple logo appears on the middle of the screen. On some occasions, you may need to hold both buttons down for 30 seconds. Your problem could be that your iPad’s software has crashed which leads to the display turning black. If this is the issue, a full reset could be a temporary fix, however, if you’re still having issues, speak to one of our expert Apple device engineers.

Examine your iPad Charger

If the iPad software has found fluctuations in power from the charger, this may be what’s causing the charging issues. The software of your iPad understands the fluctuations in power as a danger, therefore, it will stop the iPad charging in general. In this case, make sure that you have tried different chargers including the USB port on your laptop and the charger your iPad came with. If your iPad chargers with some chargers and not others, you have troubleshooted the problem. It is the charger, not your iPad.


Check your iPad’s Lightning Port

If your iPad has only recently started to unable to charge, the lightning port may be clogged up with dirt or dust. While it can happen, it’s less likely to occur compared to your iPhone. This is because your iPhone is constantly going into your pockets and bags. The best way to inspect your lightning port is with a flashlight to see if you can find any particles in there. If you do find any dust or dirt in the iPad, use a toothpick to fish any dirt in there.

Complete a DFU Restore

If you have gone through the previous points you can completely rule out the likelihood of a software crash, a problem with your charger or lightning cable, and dirt or dust in your charging port. There is one more thing you can try is the DFU restore. Performing a DFU restore removes and reloads all the code on your iPad to its factory settings. A DFU restore will enable us to repair a deep software problem, which could be the cause of your iPad not charging.

Whatever problem you may have with your iPad, the team here at iMendMacs are here to help you troubleshoot the issue and get your iPad back working again.

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