If you’re like most iPhone users, you rely on your phone for both personal and business calls. It’s important to make sure that your calls are clear and audible, so that the person on the other end can understand what you’re saying. In this blog post, we will discuss some tips that will help improve your iPhone call quality!

Some of the most common problems that can affect iPhone call quality are background noise, poor reception or weak signal strength, and speakerphone issues. If you’re having any trouble with your calls, it’s important to try these fixes before resorting to more drastic measures like buying a new iPhone! You might just save yourself some money in this process, so let’s get started!

Use Headphones 

Try using headphones instead of holding it up close to your mouth. This will improve clarity by eliminating outside noises from being picked up on the mic as well as keeping people away from distracting you while talking on other iPhones nearby. Some people may struggle with headphones when in the middle of a call, they may experience distortion or maybe their voice is not coming through to the other person. If you are experiencing these earphone or headphone issues, then be sure to get in contact with our specialists here at iMendMacs.

Check for Obstructions & Update Your Software

Make sure there aren’t any obstructions blocking your signal strength on your iPhone. You can do this by going into Settings > General > Networking and turning Airplane Mode on or off depending on if it’s enabled already – then check back again after doing so; it should now show up as available! This will help reduce interference with other devices like WIFI routers nearby that use radio waves too close together which could cause poor connection quality while talking through cellular networks.

If this is not the issue then you may have older software that needs updating, you can ensure that your software is up to date by going into Settings > General > Software Update. Apple regularly releases updates to their iPhone products that include bug fixes and enhancements so it’s important to keep your device updated as much as possible.

Service Quality

Check to see if you have enough bars of service before calling someone; the higher number means better reception usually but sometimes not always so don’t rely solely on them! It’s also important to note that having a strong signal doesn’t necessarily mean good call quality since things like weather may affect how well your iPhone can communicate with the service provider.

Enable WiFi Calling 

If you have not already set up WiFi calling, then this could be a reason as to why the quality of your calls are so low. If you are wanting to know how to set up WiFi calling for your iPhone, then read the following tips.

  • Go to Settings > Phone > WiFi Calling
  • Enable WiFi calling by sliding the button which is next to ‘Wifi Calling on This Phone’, when the button turns green this means you have enabled it.
  • Be sure to accept any pop-up notifications that relate to the data that is collected from your carrier

It really is that easy to enable and WiFi calling will allow you to make calls no matter how bad the service may be, providing you have a stable internet connection. It also extends your iPhone battery life as it is no longer constantly scanning for cellular connections when you are on the move. By using WiFi calling instead of cellular data to make calls and send texts it can be extremely cost effective as cellular data can be rather expensive in comparison to Wifi calling.

Background Noise

If you’re in a place where there’s a lot of background noise, try to find a quieter spot or wait until later to make the call. This is especially true if you’re using speakerphone mode and it will be difficult for the other person to hear you over any loud noises in the area! Noises from cars, trains and busses passing by can really distort your hearing to the point where you can’t hear anything that the other person is saying.

These are some of the most common issues that can affect iPhone call quality, but there are many more! If you’re still experiencing problems after trying these tips, please feel free to reach out to us for further assistance.


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