A refurbished Mac depends on a variety of aspects, including previous damage, age, software and current state. There is no real set time when talking about the longevity of a refurbished Apple Mac. It is important that you apply regular maintenance and keeping your Mac in prime condition. Preventing dust from clogging up your hardware components inside the machine. Here at iMendMacs we offer outstanding deals for refurbished Macs that goes through a full testing process before they’re sold to our customers, we also offer a full no quibble warranty for peace of mind and confidence in your purchase.

What is a refurbished Mac? 

Apple Macs are known to be the most effective and powerful computer to date, due to its state-of-the-art features and combined with it’s excellent the storage and hardware components.

A refurbished Mac is a pre-owned device that consumers who either had an issue with it returned to Apple, such as a defective pixel on the MacBook Air displays or a damaged USB port on a retina MacBook Pro or just lost interest in the Mac and returned it.


An extended life is possible depending on the level of repair and the condition the Mac was in. This can be improved by consistent maintenance and updates to the latest version. If you can’t update your Mac to the latest version then apply regular conservation making sure that your computer doesn’t’t over heat or receive any further damage.


iMendMacs supplies customers with quality rrefurbished Macs. You must be careful when buy refurbished Apple Macs though, as retrofitters often use low quality components which will make the Mac last for a shorter period of time and cause long term irreparable damage to the machine.

An SSD will increase the overall performance of the device and it reduces the chance of failure, which ensures the Mac is much more efficient and more stable. You can find hard drive systems of larger capacity cheaper, and now you know why. This inexpensive approach to modules can be used on other components on the Mac.


Buying a refurbished Mac can differ in prices depending on what retailer you buy from and what version of Mac you are looking for. However, you will be looking at 10 to 30 percent cheaper than a brand-new Apple Mac. In some cases, it can 40 to 50 percent if it’s an older model. Apple Mac hardware components aren’t cheap either! Acquiring these items take time and isn’t easy to find. Apple uses very expensive components to assist their high-performance computers.

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