Yesterday, Apple staged their last event of what has been a very busy 2020 for them. The ‘One More Thing’ Event didn’t hold many surprises compared to previous events early on in the year. As we thought, Apple announced the first Macs with the new Apple Silicon Processor, which is named the M1. Craig Federighi and his team of software specialists spent a lot of time speaking about how the new Macs are an advancement on similar Windows machines. According to Apple, the new M1 chip provides an improved performance per watt. The machines also contain the fastest CPU core in the world and are the best performing CPU the tech giants have ever produced.

Meet the New MacBook Air

Now it’s official. The move from Intel to Apple’s own core processor is a major coup for the tech giants, it will really implement their place in the core processors elite. The processor is an eight-core CPU which includes four high performance cores. The MacBook Air is the first Mac that will have the M1, the device is now similar to the iPad in functionality. It will be able to run iOS & iPad apps using macOS 11 Big Sur. The new MacBook Air is a silent device with no fan, while also having 15-18 hours battery life. Like those before the new MacBook has a 13-inch screen, however, the design is pretty similar to previous models. It’s rumoured to costs around £999.00.


Apple Mac Mini Gets the M1 Treatment

Apple hasn’t just stopped at the MacBook Air integration with their new M1 processor. They have announced a new model of the Apple Mac Mini powered by the M1 core processor, alongside the new versions of the Macbook Pro & Macbook Air. The brand-new Mac will be created in the normal desktop friendly form, however, now containing the new Apple Silicon M1 processor. The Apple Mac Mini has the capabilities of 3x CPU performance and 5x faster graphics than previous models.


The 13-inch MacBook Pro Also Gets the M1 Therapy

Apple’s 13-inch MacBook Pro is the other Mac device that has the new M1 chip. There are some excellent features of this new MacBook Pro including, the longest battery life ever seen in a Mac. The Apple Silicon M1 Chip’s camera ISP will enhance image quality on video calls. The company have also announced that it’s Thunderbolt USB 4 ports support 6k resolution with the Pro Display XDR.

MacOS 11 Big Sur will Take Advantage of The M1

The brand-new Big Sur macOS operating system upgrade was created to benefit from the M1 core processor. This could be the main reason the software took so long to be released. At the One More Thing event, the software specialists demoed the power up time of the MacBook Pro and how fast the apps load.


What Haven’t Apple Introduced?

AirPods Studio

There are rumours that Apple is developing a pair of wireless over ear headphones that will hopefully be released in the new year. Those rumours have been strengthened as it has been reported that Apple stores have been instructed to stop selling the third-party headphones such as Beats. These are key signs that we could be seeing Apple introduce a new pair of head phones to the market.


Another product that is seemingly in the product line to be release is the AirTag. This is rumoured to be a hardware tracker for your personal items. The tracker would be attached to your items and can be tracked by using Bluetooth. They’re likely to use the iOS Find My App to precisely locate devices. The AirTag is expected to be a circular disc and will feature Apple’s ultra-wideband tech.


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