Many people’s worst nightmare is seeing their iPhone fall into water. It could be falling into the sea, pool or worse yet the toilet. Water and electrics are not best friends. However, it’s crucial that you understand that not all accidents with an iPhone and water are fatal.


Act Swiftly

You’ll probably think that this is just common sense to grab your phone as soon is it drops into the water; however, some people would just stare at their iPhone in disbelief. When you get your phone out of the water, first you should take the battery out or turn the phone off to save the electronics. Also remove the sim card and dry it along with the battery and the phone. The myth about putting the device in uncooked rice is exactly that. A myth. Put it somewhere dry and never in direct heat.


Things Not to Do…

  • Avoid trying to touch the screen because this could force further water damage into the device.
  • Make sure you don’t use a hair dryer to dry the phone because this could cause additional problems.
  • Don’t move your iPhone more than you must as that could cause the spread of water through the screen.
  • Do not turn your iPhone on too soon. Wait at least one day before attempting to turn the iPhone on.


How Do You Know If It’s Worked?

Once you reconstruct the iPhone, try and turn it back on. However, if it doesn’t turn on straight away after you have waited 24 hours, then our team of skilful iPhone technicians, we will be able to open the iPhone case, dry out any water and access the damage. If you are lucky and the damage isn’t severe then we will clean the mineral deposits that has been left by the water, the phone should work again. However, it’s difficult to be sure about the length of damage without fully inspecting the iPhone. You must also understand that even if you’re iPhone has turned on it could still fail.


What Should You Do Now?

We recommend that you should bring your water damaged iPhone into the shop and we can look at it from a professional point of view. It is better that you pay a small fee to get the right diagnosis and a way of knowing that the phone is working like normal.