Apple’s iCloud is a difficult concept to get your head around if you aren’t familiar with Apple. The most common questions we receive is what does it do? What is it? And what features does it include? In this blog posts we will give you some more information about the iCloud and how it will help you use Apple’s devices to their full potential.

What is the iCloud?

iCloud is the general name for all of the services that Apple provide through the internet, whether that’s the iPhone, iMac or iPad. These services are cloud-based and cover a variety of areas including email, location of lost devices (Find My iPhone) and storing music in the cloud. The role of the iCloud is to store information in a remote location, known as a cloud server. This allows for your device to be free of unneeded storage and you can access information from any internet connected Apple device.

What does iCloud do?

In simple terms, iCloud allows you to store the information online and you can access the information from your Apple devices. If you log into your iCloud account, you can clearly see the concepts applications. There are a few good examples where iCloud can be effective and help you work across various platforms.

  • Contacts

To sync contacts between devices, you will need to give iCloud permission to access your contacts across iOS & macOS devices. This allows you to have one set of contacts between devices. Any changes that you make to your iPhone contacts will be replicated on your Mac contacts.

  • Notes

Note taking can be effective between multiple devices, and iCloud can make this happen. If you’re taking notes on your iPhone at home and then go into work you could have your notes on your Mac. Allowing you to streamline your notes into one place through the cloud.

  • Calendar

You can also streamline your diary between Apple devices, allowing you to have a master diary that can be accessed from multiple devices. You must remember to be able to do this you must give iCloud access to your calendar.

Price of iCloud

The great thing about iCloud is that it’s completely free, however, you have a max storage of 5GB across the devices you own on the free plan. If you need more space that 5GB there is scope to level up. It is common for people to want to back up multiple Apple devices and store hundreds of photos and videos. Here is the pricing for iCloud Storage.

50GB: 79p per month

200GB: £2.49 per month

2TB: £6.99 per month

How Do You Set iCloud Up?

So now you understand what iCloud is and how it works. Also, you know how much it costs to store your information in iCloud. Now you need to be able to understand how to set it up. iCloud accounts are based on your Apple ID. You will need to create an Apple ID before setting your iCloud account up. There is a possibility that your OS needs updating on your device. This is because there are some aspects of iCloud that won’t work unless you have the recent version.

Using iCloud

iCloud will more than likely run without you even knowing, working quietly in the background. If you haven’t messed with any of the settings, you should find that your information syncs between devices naturally. If you would like to test iCloud abilities out in an app, ensure that it is activated.


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