Apple recently hosted their annual Worldwide Developers Conference or WWDC for 2021, within this conference they announced upcoming features that will be added in the exciting new IOS 15 update! Read on below for some of the many features that Apple has announced to be coming in their newest update.

Updates to Safari 

Apple’s homegrown web browser is attempting to dethrone Google Chrome in IOS 15. Attempts to make Safari the leading browser haven’t worked so far for Apple. They believe with these new updates that will make Safari quicker and more usable that they can finally turn the tide. It’s safe to say that Apple is being ambitious with this one!

On top of this, they are planning to make it easier to sync your iPhone, iPad and iMac through Safari as an extra step to increase its usage. The first changes will be on the MacOS Monterey for Safari, with Apple planning to do the same to iPhone and iPad soon after.

Find My AirPods Image of AirPods with an iPhone.

This is exciting news for AirPod lovers! Similar to their ‘Find My Phone’ features already implemented onto its products, Apple is looking to launch ‘Find my AirPods’ in the new IOS 15 update. It is pretty well known that people lose their AirPods all the time, due to their size and the fact that they can easily fall out of a pocket. With this new update coming in IOS 15, this is no longer a problem as you can locate your AirPods via Bluetooth.

Increased Privacy

Major companies including Apple have been targeted for their data leaks with Facebook being a prime example. To prevent this from happening, Apple has promised their customers improved privacy in IOS 15 with users IP addresses being hidden from the apps you download and websites. Hidden tracking pixels will also be blocked in emails to prevent companies from building an online profile of your activity. You will also be notified when an app is accessing your data from your phone as well of the type of data. Siri requests will be processed on your devices meaning recordings of your Siri interactions won’t be recorded on an external server. It is safe to say Apple is doing more than most to protect our privacy. Facebook are very unhappy about this, so it must be a good thing.

Welcome Siri into Your Home

Siri has always been known as a purely Apple-based feature as until IOS 15 this has indeed been the case, not anymore. Within the new update, Siri can now connect to any speaker, smart heater or electrical device, as long as they are compatible and have a microphone and speaker. Apple is hoping Siri will be seen in more and more homes in the near future.

Image of an Apple Watch with gym clothing.Changes to the Health App

Apple’s new addition to their health app will alert users who are prone to falling due to medical conditions or age if they are likely to fall again soon. They are calling this feature ‘steadiness’ and this has been scientifically tested to track each person’s walking pace and technique throughout the day. It is an extremely important feature and could even help to save someone’s life by just sending them alerts to stop. While we are at it, we thought we’d mention a long-standing feature of the Apple Watch, fall detection. Once switched on, if you fall, your watch will notify the emergency services of your fall, giving them coordinates of your location. Also, it will send a text to your emergency contacts letting them know your location. So let’s say you fall, are unconscious and you’re on your way to the hospital, your loved ones will be able to track you and know which hospital you are at. How great is that?

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